Everything taste better with LIVE

I’m back. Championship was done, a lot of video was filmed. Unfortunately there was a military base near the tournament and 3G connection was blocked by it and there wasn’t possibility to stream the action. But i filmed fights with high fps rate and making shorts every day to laud LIVE4

Now I have done a lot of actions to promote FB page. Some of them was really effective.

I wrote an invitation to our FB page with short text to more than 20 top FB GoPro communities.

And it’s work

Also i made seven branded videos of championship and shared it.

So for now, new videos collected more than 5 thousand views in total for one day. It means that 5 thousands of people seen LIVE4 logo each second of watching my videos and knows, that LIVE4, means app for streaming with GoPro.

Also they have to possibility to follow the link to FB and subscribe to our page

Calculations of views will be available during this week.

Playlist of videos that branded with LIVE4:


Stats(red marked fields related to Can’t play video from iPhone Bug



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