Liven’s Community Whitepaper Has Been Released

Dominic Powell
May 27, 2018 · 2 min read
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Liven’s community whitepaper is here!

The day you’ve all been waiting for has arrived — Liven’s community whitepaper can now be read in full on our website here.

Months and months of hard work and due diligence have been poured into this document, which serves to answer any and all questions around Liven’s plans to create the world’s first global food economy.

All the juicy details on Liven’s cryptocurrency integration, international expansion, and even the hard (and I mean hard) maths around our rewards curve have also been unveiled.

Whitepaper architect and Liven co-founder Dr. David Ballerini, PhD, says: “Months of work have gone into the Liven whitepaper, and we’re glad to be finally revealing it to the public following significant interest from users and the broader public.”

“This document details our vision for the Liven project and our reasoning for embracing blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies as the next evolution of lifestyle rewards and payments.”

The full version of our whitepaper with further details on our ICO token distribution, advisory board, and more will be released soon.

If you’re not sated by our whitepaper document and you still have some burning questions, check in at our Telegram channel where members of the Liven team are always on deck to answer any inquiries.

And don’t forget to register for our public pre-sale via our ICO website at

Read more about how The LivenPay project is building a stable cryptocurrency for the real world, and making the capabilities and benefits of blockchain technology accessible for brick and mortar businesses and everyday consumers in Liven’s community whitepaper.

Whitepaper direct download here
Telegram: @livenpay
Download the app: Liven


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