The Ski Lift Pitch β€” LivenPay in 90 Seconds

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Liven is a mobile payment and rewards wallet enabling instant crypto-payments at point of sale, and rewarding customers for spending with LVN β€” The Digital Currency for Food.

LivenPay is a payment network and token reward protocol powering the Liven wallet, and enabling tens of thousands of retail brands to natively accept integrated fiat+crypto payments with intelligent network rewards.

The Liven ecosystem is a closed-loop economy where businesses subscribe to a payments & marketing software, consumers are rewarded for spending, and Liven facilitates seamless flow of LVN tokens as the network’s native currency.

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Founded in Melbourne, Australia, and now operating in 3 cities, 350,000 consumers use Liven to pay for goods and services, share money with friends, and discover new experiences at any of the 1000+ business partners. Liven has been in operation for three years as a mobile payment wallet, and employs over 40 people in 5 cities.

Liven aims to use blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to create a globally interoperable payment network, solving issues in the usability and efficacy of loyalty and payment solutions, and bringing a practical, consumer centric use case to cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange.

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The Liven Wallet and payment gateway are available publicly on the and the . LVN can be earned, spent, traded between users, and purchased, but cannot be withdrawn until conclusion of the public sale.


The rewards-based payment network.

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