Why you should move to Greece

Mar 25, 2019 · 4 min read
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The beauty of Greece extends beyond the inland to several islands, mountains, beaches, a rejuvenating view of the sea and iconic landscapes which are some of the reasons why over 32 million tourists visited the country in 2018, the highest in the country’s recorded history.

Its rich heritage, culture, and historical significance represented over several centuries in art, stories, and movies remain extremely appealing and offer a sense of awe. The influence of Greece, through stories of its many mythical creatures, has made it a destination for people with an adventurous spirit. The country obtains top rankings in terms of heritage, cultural influence and adventure as visitors and residents are pleased with its relaxing climate and weather, scenic environments, numerous tasty food options, stunning attractions and the friendly nature of its inhabitants.

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Mykonos, Greece

Employment and business opportunities in Greece

The geographical location of Greece within Europe, its strong partnerships in international markets and its constant influx of visitors make it strategically positioned for business opportunities. Many individuals, families, and professionals are deciding to move to Greece to take advantage of long-term rentals for an affordable cost of living which is approximately 30% lower than similar countries in the European continent. Several students and young adults spend a considerable number of years living in Greece all in a bid to embark on their own journey of fascinating and inspiring discoveries which typically lead to a new level of enlightenment. Living in Greece gives the great benefit of an abundance of jobs including seasonal opportunities especially in the continuously growing tourism industry. This also gives rise to employment prospects in real estate development and the provision of other accommodation services including the sale, rent, renovation and maintenance of holiday rental apartments, long-term rental studios or houses and villas for sale.

For non-EU citizens who would like to get a residence permit within the EU, the Greek government is now offering a five-year permit to anyone who buys a property or invests in real estate worth €250,000 or more which is the lowest of any similar buy-ins offered in Europe. Entrepreneurs and skilled professionals now consider Greece a productive environment for international operations and a prime location especially for new and innovative businesses using technology-based models and products. There are many programs being promoted by the Greek government to engage providers of financial services such as the launching of the FinTech hub in Greece in 2019 thus creating more employment opportunities for professionals who choose to move to Greece.

Finding accommodation when you move to Greece

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Villa in Argos, Greece

The growth in housing and real estate development in Greece also buttresses the many reasons to move to Greece as there are low-interest rates on a mortgage or housing loans making it cheaper to buy a house. There are also several villas for sale in the country and many more long-term rental houses, offices and apartments are being built as over 15,000 building permits were approved in 2018 across the country. Taking its cue from the growing tourism industry, the Greek real estate market is positioning itself to cater to the accommodation needs of tourists, students, expats, investors and even companies who choose to move to Greece. The country offers several types of accommodations to suit the needs of the users such as holiday rental apartments and houses for tourists and vacationers. There are also other long-term rental options for individuals or families who want to move to Greece including long-term rental villas, serviced long-term rental houses, furnished long-term rental apartments, and studios. Investors are also encouraged to buy properties as there are numerous houses and villas for sale with swimming pools, beautiful ocean views, and aesthetically pleasing furnishings.

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Villa in Santorini, Greece

If you seek a more reserved living space, then several regions in Greece also offer apartments and studios for sale. These varied options ensure that everyone who chooses to visit or move to Greece is able to find comfortable and affordable accommodation to live in.

Whatever your budget, when it is time to move to Greece and find your new home, you can choose from any of the many villas for sale, long-term rental apartments or just a holiday rental.

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