In It to Win It: Livepeer Teams Up to Make Magic in October

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4 min readNov 6, 2022


Teamwork really does make the dream work.

From a multi-stranded collaboration to livestream Devcon Bogotá, to the pooling of hard-earned knowledge at the Web3 App Summit, October was a month for sharing progress and developing new skills — together.

How to Make a Stream Come True

Building web3-native experiences to pave the road to full adoption is fundamental to Livepeer’s mission. So the Livepeer core team was proud and excited to take on the challenge of livestreaming one of Ethereum’s most important events, Devcon.

The prep started six months out when, in collaboration with the Ethereum Foundation, Livepeer formed a team charged with making sure everything was good to go in host city Bogotá by the October deadline.

It was a tall order. Challenges included setting up livestreaming from nine different rooms, creating workarounds for internet bandwidth limitations, and — just to keep everyone on their toes — a power outage during the event itself. But with 60,000 viewers around the world watching the livestreams (21,780 on the first day alone), all the planning and hard work paid off.

Streaming was via StreamETH, a public-good project for the web3 ecosystem co-created by the Ethererum Foundation and Livepeer. Events were also streamed to YouTube from the Livepeer network. This combination ensured maximum coverage for Devcon while creating a web3-native experience.

A full debrief on this huge step forward can be found here. Thanks to everyone who worked together to make it happen!

Tips From the Top at the Web3 App Summit

Bringing the benefits of decentralization to all means creating new applications that serve key needs and deliver value to users. Which is why the Web3 App Summit, hosted by Livepeer, showcased insights from leaders behind projects making significant progress toward that goal.

A full day during the week of Devcon was given over to talks, panels, developer workshops, and breakout discussions. The result was an incredible forum with laser-like focus on app creation, killer use cases, and how to grow user adoption.

If you couldn’t make it to Colombia and didn’t catch the livestream, Livepeer has you covered. Check out the full summary of key takeaways and stand-out advice — plus videos — in the blog “The Web3 App Summit: Building in Bogotá.”

Lenstube in 100 seconds

In the spirit of the App Summit, here’s an update on a viable web3 alternative to YouTube — built using Livepeer Studio!

The Lenstube social platform offers video on demand for content creators of all kinds. Also, Lenstube includes web3-native features, like crypto wallet connection, video NFT curation, and the ability to reward the work of creators you admire via MATIC tokens. Check out “Lenstube in 100 seconds” for the full lowdown.

This is just one of the exciting web3 apps that developers are building with Livepeer Studio. Discover more in the Livepeer Studio YouTube channel.

Best Hacks at ETHBogotá

With a share of $10,000 up for grabs to hacks making use of Livepeer Studio for web3 gaming, metaverse, social, or creator applications, ETHBogotá was set to be an exciting weekend. Congratulations to the amazing crop of winners:

  • Bet Streams (Best Overall): Pay-per-view livestreaming platform with online betting functionality.
  • The Billion Dollar Homepage (Best Ecosystem Integration): A decentralized billboard for public goods.
  • Relmia (Best Metaverse Implementation): A protocol that allows creators to set up billboards in the metaverse and collect royalties from advertisers.
  • (Best Use of Livepeer’s Audio Feature): An audio media player that rewards users for tuning in.
  • Proof of Mentorship (Best Use of Livepeer’s Video SDK): Proof-of-mentorship protocol (POMP) that connects community members to mentors.
  • 3Create (Honorable Mention): The first educational platform nurturing the next generation of web3 leaders with engaging learning tracks for kids aged 8–14.

November Brings New Chances to Hack

Calling all web3 builders! Are you ready to hack with Livepeer? There is a great opportunity this month, with prizes available for the best web3 video apps in the web3 gaming, metaverse, social, or creator tracks. If you’re up for the challenge, click the link below to register today:

  • Next Video Build | Livepeer x Encode Club (Nov 8th — Dec 13th). Register here.

Case Studies Point the Way

Developers are making incredible use of Livepeer Studio and the team regularly shares stories about projects bringing new types of video experiences to their audience. These can be accessed via the Livepeer Studio website and are a great resource, especially for those launching their own web3 journey.

The latest case study centers on Bonfire, which enables creators, communities, and brands to build custom platforms powered by social tokens and NFTs. Read all about it here.

That’s the Livepeer roundup for October. Glad to have you in the community!



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