Livepeer Community Member Profile — Ben Crane

LP: What do you spend most of your time doing or thinking?

Ben: Learning about new technologies, thinking about potential businesses, unwinding with music and art, and trying to imagine the future.

LP: How do your friends describe you?

Ben: Not a real person.

LP: What prompted you to contribute to Livepeer?

Ben: I’ve known Doug and Eric for a few years, so when I saw they had cofounded Livepeer I was immediately intrigued. Like startups, I think the fate of many crypto projects will be tied to the vision and tenacity of the initial people behind them. It means something to me that Doug and Eric, the two cofounders, have worked together for 7 years and started 2 technology companies previously.

When I read up on the project itself, I was struck by the potential for Livepeer to: solve a real business problem, in a cheaper and more technically resilient way; resist efforts at censorship (the difference between a nice-to-have and must-have cryptoeconomic protocol use case — more here); and capitalize on a growing trend, in this case live video, that’s only going to grow larger (answering the all-important ‘why now?’ question).

LP: What excites you most about Livepeer?

Ben: With Livepeer, I’m excited to see a rise in direct-to-consumer business models where individuals are able to ‘monetize their mind’ through video, and distribute their content directly to those find what they record to be meaningful — in a way that cannot be censored.

LP: What do you wish to see more in the Livepeer community?

Ben: No doubt each person in the Community brings a unique skill to the table, but we don’t yet know who brings what or how those skills could fit together. I’d love to see an easier way for people to collaborate on open-source projects on top of the Livepeer protocol, especially for non-Engineers like me.

LP: What’s the best livestreaming application that doesn’t exist yet?

Ben: If I knew, I’d be building it! I do have some ideas brewing, though :)

Ben Crane is a Support Operations Manager at Google. You can find Ben on Twitter — say hello!

Livepeer is an open source blockchain project creating a new crypto incentivized platform for video live broadcasting and streaming. You can find out more on our website and join the community here.