Livepeer Community Member Profile — Chris Hobcroft

Photo Credit: Julien Reisemberg

LP: What do you spend most of your time doing or thinking?

Chris: I spend time thinking about how to connect current innovations in technology (Blockchain, Live Streaming) with the people who I think can benefit from using these innovations. Also, these days, I spend a little too much of my time watching the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies!

LP: How do your friends describe you?

Chris: Creative, strange, tall, open, electric, honest, crazy, special, interesting.

LP: What’s your favorite show on stream?
Chris: I’m not sure I know what that means, which worries me a little. I enjoyed Breaking Bad, but I don’t watch so much stuff “on TV” these days.
LP: what’s your spirit animal?
Chris: It’s got to be the Elephant. Big, dependable, never forgets, usually calm, occasionally fierce, big.
LP: What prompted you to contribute to Livepeer?

Chris: It combines two of my favourite topics at the moment: Blockchain and Live Streaming… I was looking at starting up something which combined these things when I came across Livepeer. My initial reaction was one of disappointment… “somebody stole my idea!”, but then I took the “superhero approach” to life… when you encounter what appears to be your nemesis, seek to make them your ally… and after my first call with Doug, I felt like I had an ally!

LP: What excites you most about Livepeer?

Chris: Freedom: I like that it paves the way towards a more liberated / free world in terms of communication and distribution of digital content. It provides mechanisms for a truly free / open / democratised world, where freedom of speech and expression is possible.
Decentralisation: I like that control over what can be broadcast is distributed to the masses, instead of being controlled by the few.
Efficiency: I like that a decentralised network enables more efficient transmission of data — the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and I feel that Livepeer will get us much closer to that straight line, in terms of how video is transmitted around the world.
Crypto-incentivised: I like that it gives me, and the whole community, an opportunity to share in any future economic success of the project, through the sharing of a token. Community members can be rewarded in Livepeer Tokens for contributions made to furthering the project, and if the tokens become worth something, we can all benefit financially. It feels a little bit like being an early shareholder in YouTube :)

LP: What do you wish to see more in the Livepeer community?

Chris: More collaboration in creating ideas that build on top of Livepeer. The community members are all getting involved in this project for their own reasons, and I would love to see more sharing of ideas, and new projects forming where the community work together to build more and more value around this project.
LP: What’s the best livestreaming application that doesn’t exist yet?
Chris: It’s a simple one… one which allows anyone in the world to livestream their content, and set the price that a viewer must pay in order to watch.
Digital creators would be free to create, share, get paid instantly, without needing to comply with advertising / brand guidelines
Consumers would only pay for what they consume, spend less time “being advertised at” and get access to more authentic original content.
No subscriptions, no monthly contracts, only pay for what you consume. No middle-men, no third-party fees, only creators getting paid directly by consumers.
I think this would pave the way towards a more beautiful world where creators can create, and also support themselves financially.
LP: what do you want to see broadcasted on Livepeer the most?
Chris: I’d love to see a channel broadcasting a curated selection of crowd-sourced independent live music 24/7/365. Like a new evolution of MTV, but only showing original, live, independent musicians, sharing their performance… and getting paid for it (by me, and other viewers).

Chris Hobcroft is a Producer and the Founder of Berlin Live TV, a new concept in television. Broadcasting only live content, only from Berlin.

Livepeer is an open source blockchain project creating a new crypto incentivized platform for video live broadcasting and streaming. You can find out more on our website and join the community here.

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