Livepeer Grants Program allocates $190K in Q1, announces $250K funding for Q2 2022!

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4 min readApr 1, 2022

Livepeer was founded to build a fully decentralized video stack, and this goal cannot be achieved without a community of contributors. That’s why the Livepeer Community Grants Program was created — to provide funding for projects, ideas, and events that benefit the Livepeer ecosystem.

2022 is already off to an amazing start for the Grants Program and its contributors, with more exciting news to come! Read on to find out more.

Q1 2022 Recap

Since the Grants Program launched in 2019, Livepeer Grants has committed over $410K in funding to community members creating value for the Livepeer ecosystem. During the first two years, funding was awarded to projects such as integrating streaming events into Atlantis World, tutorials for setting up an orchestrator node, language translations, and a number of prizes at hackathons.

From security and core functionality to community works and education, the Grants Program has helped to enrich the Livepeer ecosystem since its inception. And in 2022, we’re throwing the Grants Program into overdrive.

In fact, we already have. Of the $410K allocated to date, $190K, or 46% of the total, has been awarded in Q1 2022 alone! (View the grants tracker for the full list.)

What are some of those projects that were funded in Q1? Glad you asked!

  • ColorPixels is a decentralized livestreaming platform with NFT functionality. Its goal is to create new sources of revenue for streamers and artists by supporting the minting of NFT clips during their events. This way, every time the NFT is sold, money is sent back to the creator.
  • Dbeats is a decentralized social media & NFT marketplace. It lets creators mint NFTs of their videos, photos, and even create NFTs during livestreams with a single click.
  • Dragverse is a dApp where you, as an NFT drag (queen, king, monster, etc.), can live broadcast using Livepeer and earn tips from your followers. The team is working to add game features to the experience, such as participating in events, metaverse concerts, and competitions; dressing, padding, and painting your drag avatar; buying or earning new wigs or makeup; and having a place to share or mint NFTs, give or get tips, and more. Listen to the Twitter Spaces with Dragverse here.
  • Imbue is a decentralized, web3 native livestreaming platform that is completely owned and operated by the community. Everything from the DNS (ENS & to streaming (Livepeer) to data for streaming (stored on-chain) is completely decentralized. Imbue is a way for creators to connect with their audiences and monetize their interactions without big centralized operators..

It’s not just developers either. Long-time community member and orchestrator Ben (Authority_Null) was recently awarded a grant to create a stylish three-minute commercial which debuted at NFT LA 2022 this week. (Read Ben’s community spotlight for more.)

After a record breaking start to the year, it only makes sense to double down on community involvement.

Q2 2022 Round — $250K In Funding Announced!

The Livepeer core team is excited to announce a fresh grants round for Q2 2022, with up to $250K in funding available! We can’t wait to build off of Q1’s success, and support the community in bringing more contributions to the Livepeer ecosystem.

This quarter we’re looking for proposals for demand side platforms and applications that showcase the benefits of web3 video and drive traffic to the Livepeer network. We’d love to see more livestreaming, video applications, and creator platforms that harness the Livepeer network!

For more information on the Livepeer Community Grants Program, including requirements and application guidelines, visit our GitHub. Not familiar with the process? Here’s how to apply:

  1. Submit an issue. Product-based proposals must include specs in the submission.
  2. Include mockups, technical milestones, and time estimates. When in doubt, breakdown milestones further.
  3. Application will be reviewed by Livepeer Grants Committee, which meets bi-weekly to discuss all ongoing and proposed grants.
  4. Feedback will occur throughout the grants process.

Livepeer Grants issues milestone-based grants, where the total committed is dispersed upon completion of set milestones. This allows progress to be linked to funding, especially for large grants. Milestones will be agreed upon prior to proposal acceptance, and should:

  1. Be clearly defined deliverables.
  2. Include KPIs for each deliverable.
  3. Include an estimated time to completion.

Whether you’re a developer, a creator, a researcher, a marketer, a community leader, or anyone looking to leverage their skills and interests to improve the Livepeer ecosystem, there could be a grant waiting for you!



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