Livepeer’s Streamflow Protocol Update Is Complete and a New Tokenholder Site is Launched

Doug Petkanics
Jan 17, 2020 · 2 min read

Earlier this week the Livepeer network successfully upgraded its protocol from an initial alpha version to a new scalable version codenamed Streamflow. This upgrade enables scaled usage of the network for video transcoding at a cost effective price. The network now supports:

In the first three days of being online the network has already seen many additional node operators come online, the first successful GPU transcodes, and the first ETH fees distributed to orchestrators and token holding delegators, through the cashing of 80+ probabilistic micropayments tickets. Those who are testing streaming video through the network are finding the transcoding to be functional and cost efficient, while identifying client side issues to rapidly iterate on to hit the reliability required for production use.

In addition to launching Streamflow, there is also a new community site focused on tokenholders up at

This site aims to provide the resources and information that token holders need to participate effectively in the Livepeer network in the role of delegator or transcoder. It also provides a showcase for the open source projects that the community has built to support the growth of the Livepeer ecosystem. The open source code for this site can be found on Github so that anyone can contribute additional resources and FAQs.

As next steps many in the community are focused on testing the Streamflow protocol for reliability, trying to understand the right market mechanics for setting fees and pricing work on the network, and filling the missing holes to enable scaled video enterprises to adapt Livepeer infrastructure for production use. Look for updated grant proposal opportunities in the coming weeks to highlight opportunities to get involved in helping to build out this vision.

In the meantime, if you’d like to get started with participating in the Livepeer network, the tokenholder site can walk you through the steps to get started in under 5 minutes. Check it out.

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