Long Take NFT Publisher FAQ

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2 min readDec 20, 2022


What is the Long Take NFT Publisher?

Long Take NFTs are a type of video NFT that are not limited by the existing file size restraints of current NFT marketplaces. Currently, video creators are unable to showcase their artwork to its full potential due to platform limitations. For example, OpenSea, one of the largest NFT marketplaces, has a file size limit of 100MB. With Long Take NFTs, you can upload videos as large as 10GB.

Which video and audio file formats are supported?

The Long Take NFT Publisher supports a wide range of video and audio formats. Supported video file formats include: MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, MKV, WEBM, WMV.

What is the file size limit?

Currently, the file size limit is 10GB.

What video resolutions are supported?

Currently, video resolutions are supported up to 2K.

How much does it cost to create a Long Take NFT? Are there gas fees?

There is a very small fee to create an NFT. This fee fluctuates, but is typically ~0.02 MATIC (~0.015 USD).

Where will my files be stored?

Long Take NFTs are stored on IPFS, a decentralized web3 storage platform.

How can I view my NFT after minting?

After creating your NFT, there will be a Gateway URL link located at the bottom of the Long Take NFT Publisher which will direct you to your video stored on IPFS. After minting your NFT, your Long Take NFT will be stored in your wallet, and can be viewed in OpenSea or any other marketplace.

How can I share my Long Take NFT after minting?

You can tweet your Long Take NFT by clicking the “Share” button after creating your NFT. You can also directly share the Gateway URL and OpenSea link with your community.

How can I sell my Long Take NFT?

You can sell your Long Take NFT using OpenSea or any NFT marketplace. Here are instructions to open an OpenSea account.

Additional questions?

If you have any more questions, visit our Discord and join the #studio-creator channel.




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