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NFT LA Wrap Up

Where better to debut two exciting Livepeer initiatives than in a city famous for its premieres?

The first-ever NFT | LA, four packed days aimed at bringing the use cases of web3’s best-known assets to a broader audience, opened its doors on March 28th.

Livepeer celebrated the occasion — and LA’s movie heritage — with a pair of premieres. Both the new Livepeer commercial and the Livepeer Sessions concert series launched at NFT | LA.

As an official Major Supporter of this inaugural event, the Livepeer core team couldn’t wait to get down to the LA Live district and start the fun.

The launch of Livepeer Sessions on March 30th highlighted the beneficial synergy between entertainment and web3 technology. In partnership with co-host Flaunt Magazine, Livepeer Sessions staged a gig by Brooklyn synthpop duo Great Good Fine Okay at the Peppermint Club in West Hollywood. The unique 60s-inspired music lounge was the perfect setting for a night of dancing and cocktails!

This first of a new series of in-person and web3 livestream concerts served up a fantastic flavor of what Livepeer’s decentralized video technology, mixed with buckets of creative talent, can achieve.

You can check out the review and pics of the concert in Flaunt Magazine. Or catch the action for Livepeer Sessions on Twitter.

Livepeer core team takeaways were: a) how great it was to be out meeting people and listening to awesome music and b) how faithfully the livestream captured the essence of the event, allowing virtual and in-person viewers to experience the unique conjunction of performer, audience, environment and moment in time. And if this whet your appetite for more, there are many more exciting Livepeer Sessions to come!

The other exciting debut — the first Livepeer brand commercial — also came in for a lot of love. From the flickering images of the first-ever moving picture to the explosion of potential unleashed by the world’s open video infrastructure, the three-minute work by videographer and Livepeer orchestrator Ben (Authority_Null) truly captured how far video has come and teased the growing opportunity of web3 video with Livepeer.

Conference Co-Founder Jeff Kelley told reporters that a key goal of NFT | LA had been to bring the energy of NFTs to a broader audience and to reflect “the utility of this groundbreaking technology by getting industry leaders and prominent influencers together to elevate ideas that can help transform entertainment in a way that is more beneficial to both users and consumers.”

Shannon Wells, Livepeer Inc. Head of Community and Governance, took a deeper dive into that very subject when she took part in a panel assessing “The impact of video & streaming applications of NFTs on Digital Art & Cinematography.”

Through hackathon sponsorships, workshops, and mentoring, the Livepeer core team has supported the ever-increasing adoption of NFTs to empower the creative economy. Hot use cases include token-gated events, ticketed community memberships, and mechanisms to provide lifetime royalties for content creators.

Feeling inspired by NFT | LA? Now’s the time to call action on your own new production with Livepeer!



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