Web3 Goes Live — Livepeer Devcon3 Presentation

Last month Livepeer had the opportunity to give a presentation at Ethereum’s Developer Conference, Devcon3, in Cancun, Mexico. Eric presented a talk called Web3 Goes Live — Livestreaming Video on the Peer-to-Peer Internet.

This talk was not focused so much on Livepeer exclusively, as it instead focused on how we work with many other projects and components, in order to enable live streaming media (video + audio + data) within the web3 development stack. In includes:

  • A background on how live video broadcasting works today.
  • The steps to decentralize these components, and the reasons why decentralization is important.
  • Two live demos — one of live streaming and one of adaptive bitrate transcoding.
  • An ecosystem mapping of how streaming fits in and is enabled by other web3 components such as Swarm, Truebit, and Ethereum.
  • An overview of the incentives and security within the Livepeer protocol itself.

Being at Devcon was a great experience for the team. The relentless focus on technical progress was an inspirational breath of fresh air. The ecosystem is where it is today largely because of the developers and community coming together to create the building blocks for a more trustless, decentralized, fair internet and financial system, and it is fun to be building a missing and important component in this stack.

If you’re interested in the technical design behind a decentralized live streaming platform, please watch the talk above, and check out The Livepeer Whitepaper.