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Livepeer Blog
A decentralized live video streaming platform built on Ethereum.

Community is key to Livepeer’s continued growth and success — which is why we are happy to announce that we have appointed a true Web3 champion, Shannon Wells, as our first-ever Head of Community and Governance.

A veteran strategist and governance expert who has distinguished herself at major global organizations, Shannon has gained a deep understanding of the huge potential of Web3 through two years of active exploration at the intersection of community and innovation across multiple blockchain and application layers.

Since plunging into Web3 in 2019, Shannon has operated and staked to validator nodes on Tezos, Polkadot, Cosmos and…

One of the trickiest challenges in decentralized computing is the verification problem. How can you trust that the work performed by an anonymous server somewhere across the globe was done correctly? This affects all sorts of computer networks performing all kinds of tasks, ranging from 3D rendering, to data stream processing, to AI-based computation. Of course this challenge also applies to Livepeer, which performs transcoding on live streamed videos. …

We are delighted to welcome Meredith Tretiak on board as the first global head of marketing for A proven leader in growing innovative brands, Meredith will be instrumental in raising awareness of Livepeer’s brand, mission, plans and achievements with the world at large.

Meredith has spent more than a decade creating and implementing strategic initiatives at top companies, from Electronic Arts to Disney Interactive to The Gap. She is adept at spotting growth opportunities, working across geographic and organizational borders and, most importantly, gifted at illustrating a project’s purpose and value in ways that resonate with target audiences.


In the past few months, rising Ethereum gas fees have continued to present issues for Livepeer network users:

  • Orchestrators need to pay high transaction fees to register and provide service
  • Delegators need to pay high transaction fees to stake and access earnings
  • Broadcasters need to lock up a large amount of capital to use the network

The Livepeer Inc. development team has been evaluating options for addressing these issues and recently published a forum post with a preliminary proposal for Confluence, a protocol upgrade to reduce gas fees and to drastically reduce costs for Livepeer network users.

Confluence Overview

At the moment…

August was a period of important developments for Livepeer, as we geared up for a busy autumn. Here are just a few highlights of a productive month for the world’s decentralized video infrastructure:

· ETHGlobal’s HackFS 2021 inspired a raft of ingenious ideas for Livepeer-powered projects. We were one of 22 sponsors of the innovation marathon, which ran through most of August and drew 150+ submissions from 670 hackers in 70 countries. Five of those — ranging from a platform that will help meme creators prove ownership to a Chrome extension for virtual property owners in the Metaverse who want…

The Livepeer hacks kept coming at ETHGlobal’s HackFS 2021, a marathon of innovation that lasted nearly a month and generated 150+ submissions from 670 hackers in 70 countries who jockeyed for $175,000 in prizes.

Livepeer, one of 22 HackFS sponsors, posted a bounty of $4,000 for the coolest ideas that leveraged our distributed video architecture. Here are the five projects that shared in that prize pool:

· Meme-verse: So much creativity goes into memes these days, and yet their creators often go without credit, even when their conceptions go viral. To solve this, the Meme-verse team has built a platform…

As the number of minutes of live video streamed through the Livepeer network has increased to millions of minutes per week, and the associated fees paid into the network have risen accordingly, there has been a flurry of activity amongst existing and new node operators to compete to earn their share of the pie by providing reliable and scalable transcoding work. These operators stake Livepeer Token (LPT) to secure the work that their GPUs perform encoding video, and in return earn the ETH that users pay to access this functionality. They are suppose to also be increasing their network ownership…

$20 million raised, dashboard revamp and much more

July may fall in the middle of the traditional summer doldrums, but for Livepeer it was one of the busiest periods of 2021 so far.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Fundraising round nets $20 million to future-proof the network

The biggest news came toward the end of the month, when it was announced that Livepeer’s Series B funding round had raised $20 million from a great group of investors to help ready the world’s open video infrastructure for its next growth phase.

The cash will allow Livepeer to make key…

Livepeer has raised a $20 million funding round that will help future-proof the network and prepare it for the next phase of growth.

Livepeer will use the funds for key hires as well as to strengthen and extend the network’s reach across multiple blockchain ecosystems. The team will also add functionalities such as scene classification, object recognition, song-title detection, video fingerprinting, and video stack expansion. These new capabilities will advance the project further toward its goal of making Livepeer a full-service architecture for video app developers.

Old and new Livepeer supporters joined the investment round. Led by Digital Currency Group…

They possess enough computing power to cope with all the real-time video flowing through Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook combined.

They are part of an engaged, evolving community that spans oceans and shares tips, advice, and pep talks at all hours of the day.

They got involved because they were inspired by a talk on the plight of video creators. Or a blog post about the financial success of those who went before. Or the growing buzz the project is generating in the crypto investment world.

They are Livepeer’s orchestrators and transcoders: the power behind the world’s new decentralized video streaming…

Livepeer Blog

A decentralized live video streaming platform built on Ethereum.

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