Finally, The Year of Livestreaming

Live video is finally having its moment. From Facebook Live to Periscope, the technology world is focused on live video because it brings us together around ideas, events, and the people that matter most to us.

My career reflects my own obsession with how technology and access connect people and ideas. Etsy gives creative entrepreneurs a marketplace to connect with customers who care about the stories behind the products they purchase. Squarespace provides anyone with an idea the simple tools they need to bring that idea to life.

I joined Livestream a year ago for the same reason: every day, we help organizations get their ideas in front of global audiences and enlarge their community using the most innovative live video technology in the industry. There is power and true connection in live experiences. Nothing beats the immediacy of the moment and the impact of a shared experience. Nothing comes close to the energy of a live event.

European Space Agency Launch, broadcast on Livestream

Live video is an extension of a strategy marketers have been using for years. This year 77% of B2B marketers will use in-person events as part of their marketing mix, according to CMI. There are thousands of events every week that millions of people wish they could attend, but can’t. Live video changes all of that. It amplifies the reach of your event and includes people who otherwise could not participate.

Live video streams for large organizations powered by Livestream have increased over 1000% in the last four years. This explosive growth is more than a trend. There are four elements that have converged to make 2016 the year of live video and events: content, infrastructure, audience, and production value.

Content will always be king. From your daughter’s school play, to the latest product launch or space mission, to concerts and keynotes, and everything in between, terrific and meaningful live content abounds. Today, companies are realizing the value of thoughtful, high-quality video content: 52% of global marketers name video as the their preferred content format and the format that delivers the best ROI. As video eats your news feed, live video is the best way to stand out.

The infrastructure required to reliably broadcast live video content at scale has emerged over the last several years — a problem that Livestream played a pivotal role in solving. Affordable broadband, global content delivery networks, and cloud architecture means anyone can reliably deliver high-quality video streams to millions around the world.

Sherri Hill Fall 2016 Collection on Livestream

Gathering a live audience has always been the biggest hurdle. For live video to achieve its potential, enough people need to watch to create a shared experience. If you don’t have the built-in fan base of Apple, SpaceX, or Jazz at Lincoln Center, it’s difficult to build a substantive live audience around your events and announcements. This problem has been solved by platforms like Facebook and Twitter that combine knowledge of your interests with the ability to immediately engage a community in the moment. But drawing an audience still requires amazing content and strategic distribution. You want to reach your audience across platforms and devices, wherever they may be.

In a world where those three challenges are solved, production value will only grow in importance. It’s now easy for anyone to go live with their content and connect with their audience, so the quality of the content and the production matters more than ever. As the volume of live video increases, poor production value will turn away audiences the way slow-loading and ugly websites do today. There is a giant gap between streaming a few minutes of serendipitous activity on your phone and the storytelling capabilities of a professional TV studio. No one would watch the Super Bowl for three hours from one single, wide, handheld shot.

Mevo, Livestream’s new camera, bridges that critical gap and puts the storytelling capabilities of a TV studio in the palm of your hand. For the first time, creating a professionally-edited and produced live video is no longer the exclusive domain of deep-pocketed and experienced organizations. Mevo empowers anyone to create the most engaging live content possible.

The Mevo live-editing app in action

People are using technology to capture and broadcast the human condition: the ideas, stories, and emotions we all experience every day. Livestream has led this movement for more than eight years, lowering the costs and simplifying the process by developing the new technologies that give everyone the tools previously reserved for broadcasters.

Livestreaming has transitioned from a nice-to-have to a necessity. Without live video, important ideas and conversations are trapped — hidden from the outside. Livestream unlocks these important events, transports people there, and connects those ideas with the world.