RNO1 Expands Design Team to the EU Fueling Global Brands.

RNO1, a brand and digital experience agency, has recently expanded its design team into the EU.

The new expansion comes at a time where funded startups (SaaS, Fintech, Blockhain), lifestyle and eCommerce brands aligned with RNO1, are rapidly scaling within the US and into the EU as part of strategic growth initiatives.

The newly built 10+ person team features senior level strategists, designers, developers and idea architects, passionate about design and digital storytelling that helps product and service-focused brands alike to make waves in the marketplace. The core west coast values will be extended to a global philosophy: where agency culture will be bridged with global design thinking.

RNO1 will be working with various growth-stage brands, from funded startups to lifestyle and eCommerce businesses to leverage the power of design and digital experience strategy to supercharge their global growth goals into 2019, and beyond.

“We’re in a unique time and place…the world is more hyper-connected than it has ever been. Everything is rapidly changing, and we can’t afford to think and act locally. A global edge and focus is imperative to sustained success for growth-focused brands. With our newly developed EU team we’ll be confidently igniting brand, design and digital solutions for our Client Partners: solutions that are simple in design, sexy in feel, and successful in their deployment”, says RNO1 Agency Founder & CXO, Michael Gaizutis.

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