After SA, FR,… What’s next ? Costa Rica ?

Pavones, Costa Rica

As a travel editor, I’ve been to a fair amount of places around the world — and Costa Rica is hands down, by far, one of my favorites. My love affair started 15 years ago. Actually, I already was in love with the land of “Pura Vida”, before I had experienced the good life that is Costa Rica. Going there for the first time was the confirmation I was seeking that yes, there is a place that could easily be called Paradise. Although I was told not to believe such a place is real life. Paradise is a place you visit not a place you live. When you’re 20-something you don’t listen and you follow your instincts, your dreams. And there it was, my dream was alive & kicking. And nothing could stop me to chase it and live it full-time. No I was greedy enough to assume a few weeks would not cut it. This would be the good life. Just needed to work on a plan to make a living.

Cala Luna, Tamrindo

With Tamarindo being the 2nd stop in our discovery tour, I quickly felt Playa Negra would be a premium place to get started. So we made an offer on a huge piece of land, our slice of paradise, that could house at least 7 big building plots. The plan was simple, invest 50K, and as we needed the money, sell the land one by one. A plot every 3 years ? My guesstimate was I could make my first million dollar in 15 years time.

Playa Negra. Real surf Trips. Photo: Tony Roberts

Fast Forward 15 year. Skip the 5 years of surf trips around the world, the 5 years of living the J-Bay life and 5 years of chasing the french HQ dream.

Here I am. Day dreaming. Mind surfing. Editing the 10th year edition of the LTL Travel Collection. We’ve hand-picked five-star luxury villas to cutting-edge design retreats to compile our collection of the best boutique hotels in Costa Rica.

Right on top of the hill. And right on top of my favourites list. A spacious living room with panoramic views opens onto a state ­of­ the ­art, fully equipped kitchen as well as an infinity swimming pool and gazebo­ topped yoga platform with sweeping views of the rainforest and the magic that is Pavones.

Dulce is a short documentary surf film that takes a fresh look at Pavones. Spanning six months of swell, the film explores the beautiful, crusty, pure, and at times quirky lives of surfers reveling in Nature at the end of the road, and how those lifestyles may now be subject to change in the face of development.

Pura Vista Eco Villas

I feel like (re)Discovering Costa Rica at Pura Vista Eco Villas. It looks like they have build my ultimate dream. And we’re proud to connect with the owners and feature this home away from home.

Pura Vista Eco Villas
Pavones is famous for what is reputed to be the world’s second-longest left break. It starts with a south swell that pushes into the Golfo Dulce from the Pacific Ocean, squeezing between the southern tip of the Osa Peninsula and Pavones on the mainland, where it collides with a rocky point that spins off the famous left. Jim drew a diagram in the sand with a stick to explain the wave, saying, “It’s on a peninsula, so it’s at an angle, at a 45-degree angle, and what happens is the swells come in and they hit the top of this point here, and it makes the swell peel all the way down to about 800 to 1,000 yards, about 8 to 10 football fields.” Read more:
Pura Vista Eco Villas

Pura Vista Eco Villas is a custom designed architectural beauty with three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

So that’s NEXT !

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