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My Travels Around the World

Original drawing of my around-the-world trip as I had envisioned it.

Some journey’s are short lived. They are born in the moment and end shortly after. Others carry you distances that you have never before imagined possible. Yet others are ongoing journeys that we only become aware of at certain milestones in life.

In this online journal I will share with you my journey exploring our world. To be honest, I am unsure if this is a journey that I have recently conceived or one that has been on for while and am just becoming aware of it now. It was sometime during the winter/sprint of 2010, I doodled a map of the world and drew a few lines across it thinking if I were to do extended traveling this would be my likely route. You know what they say — be careful what you wish for. Two years later I am starting that trip in a bigger way than I had imagined.

Choosing to embark on a journey like this is a challenging process. Leaving aside the obvious things like financial resources and planning, one needs to prepare physically and more importantly, emotionally. Winding down a life that I have become comfortable with has at times created uncertainty and emotional turmoil. Fortunately all these experiences have been learning opportunities and so far have helped me grow in wonderful ways. Perhaps in a future post I will share some of those experiences.

Seemingly endless Confederation Bridge, connecting New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island.

I plan to travel across 6 continents and experience hundreds of cultures, place, and life on earth. As I see, smell, taste, listen and feel I will share with you those experiences. I hope that this journey will help bring to forefront the world as I see it and choose to create. A world that is free of racial, economic, religious, political or any other borders. A world rich in diversity and ideas. A world full of resources and opportunity for peaceful co-existence of all living beings.

Welcome aboard!

About The Author

Urooj Qureshi is pro Adventurer and storyteller. Follow his adventures on Instagram @uroojqureshi.

Originally published at on May 6, 2012.




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Urooj Qureshi

Urooj Qureshi

Pro Adventurer and Founder of Design Centered Co., I think of myself as an activist explorer and creator of ideas.

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