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The People of Canada’s East Coast

A Maritimes lobster, somewhere at fine family owned restaurant in New Brunswick, Canada

I have heard of the warm and jolly nature of the people from the maritime provinces of Canada. I even have the privilege of calling several of them my friends. Finally, I am getting to know them by traveling to the east coast of Canada. Visiting the Maritimes has confirms that the people from this region may just be the nicest people on earth!

When you pull off the road to ask for directions, a stranger may lean in to have a chat with you before helping you arrive at your destination. Upon realizing your dinner choices are not available on the menu the waitress, who seated you, kindly offers other restaurant suggestions like a friend wanting the best for you. At one restaurant where I was struggling with my fresh lobster the waitress swept right in, gave me a quick anatomical lesson about the sea creature and cracked it open for me to enjoy.

Everywhere we went people greeted us like family.

What I liked best about the people we met in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick is how everyone is involved in their local community. Everyone knows everyone. Everyone is always willing to help others. Even competing wineries lend their equipment and stocks to each other when in need.

Citadel National Historic Site, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Maritimers are deeply engaged in national and international affairs. I have been to communities in some countries where people knew little beyond their town or two neighbouring states. This is not the case in the east coast of Canada, no sir! Maritimers are well connected and active participants in global matters. They keep abreast of current affairs, they travel both in Canada and around the world, and willing to roll up their sleeves and take action whenever needed.

Generally people of the east are optimistic. This was seemed to be more obvious in Nova Scotia than in New Brunswick, possibly because the former is doing exceptionally well economically. I was really happy to see many young people working jobs where I would have expected a more seasoned professionals. Not only are these young professional doing a fabulous job, they are excited about creating social and economic wealth in their local communities and their province. What’s great is that the older generations encourage their youth and do what they can to ensure their success.

Each region in the Maritimes has something unique to offer. What is consistent is the warm hospitality and openness of the people everywhere.

About The Author

Urooj Qureshi is pro Adventurer and storyteller. Follow his adventures on Instagram @uroojqureshi.

Originally published at on June 12, 2012.




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Urooj Qureshi

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