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Urooj Qureshi
Oct 2, 2012 · 3 min read

More than 3 months have gone by since I flew out of Canada. I am unsure if I feel more nomadic now or before. You see, when you grow up moving from place to place every few years you create an image of the world that is less fragmented than how it really might be. Imagining the world as island somehow keeps you sane and relate to environments and people more easily.

Recently I watched the movie “” (2000) after some time. The story of Vianne Rocher ( Juliette Binoche), a master chocolatier, made me reflect on my own journey. Vianne drifts across Europe with her daughter, Anouk ( Victoire Thivisol), healing people with her warm personality and ancient remedies. Vianne was driven to serve with the gift that had been passed down to her by her ancestors. Even when she hit bumps along the way she knew that she could rely on the “ north wind “ to guide her to the place where she needed to be.

Over the last month in Romania I started to wonder if there’s a greater reason to why I am on this journey — beyond knocking off items on a bucket list. Is this really an opportunity to serve and to continue to learn. I wondered what to do about these feelings and ideas. A close friend of mine suggested — what if all I did was continue to really live in the moment? To really pay attention and listen to people and places I come in contact with? I don’t feel that what my friend is pointing out to is groundbreaking ( or original); yet the message is simple and wise — enjoy the journey and let the “purpose” find you. Maybe you are already living it and just haven’t realized it.

In the last few weeks plans have started to evolve. First of all to fill my time in Romania I signed up to volunteer at a community organic farm in small village named over the month of October. Working at the farm has been an great learning opportunity and has created new relationships with some incredible people. Just this last weekend we organized the first Really, Really Free Market in Timisoara (my present city of residence). The folks in Stanciova are constantly planning, collaborating and welcoming various projects to — simply put — strengthen community bonds and build a better world. I am looking forward to sharing about the wonderful work that’s happening in this community over the coming days.

Also, later in October I am expected to return to Africa. This time on the eastern coast for an opportunities to learn and work alongside some real hero’s dedicated to building a world where every individual is granted the basic right to live the best they can. I am looking out of a slightly different lens and I am excited about the adventures to come.

Thank you for being a part of the journey.

About The Author

Urooj Qureshi is pro Adventurer and storyteller. Follow his adventures on Instagram @uroojqureshi.

Originally published at on October 2, 2012.

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