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Discover How You Can Create A Healthy Mind For Life

And Attract Wealth Faster Than You Could Imagine


Imagine having your life filled with happiness, optimum health, wealth and anything else you could ever want.

How much better would things be if you had those things? In what ways would your situation or life improve?

You can have those things when you create abundance in your life.

It will take some practice, but you can change things around and start having more beginning this very day.

The key is in your thoughts and what you focus on. You get what you focus on. Whether it be negative or positive, you will obtain what you think about most. Even the thoughts of what you don’t want will bring about the very same, more of what you don’t want.

Far too many people only think of what they do not have, they focus on the lack of. Granted it’s difficult to think about anything else when you might be in desperate need of say money, or better health, even a better relationship.

That sounds pretty simple, but there are some specific things you must do before you can actually create abundance.

- Steps to Attracting Abundance -

There has been a lot of talk about the Law of Attraction in recent years. Some people claim that it’s fake, New Age nonsense; while others claim that it’s the key to having everything that you want. Can this “Law” really help you to attract abundance into your life? We’ll take a look at the question, and provide you with a few tips for getting the things you want.

The first thing you need to know is that you are always attracting something. If things aren’t going the way you want, if your health is suffering, or you’re poor, then it’s because you have brought those things into your life. That might sound harsh or mean, but it isn’t meant to be. Instead, consider it a wake-up call.

Right now you may be thinking that you really want to attract abundance and that you don’t want to be unhealthy, or poor, or have negative things in your life. If so, then you have already identified part of the problem. One of the main rules of attraction is that you will get what you focus on. Therefore, by focusing on not wanting poor health, for example, you are actually bringing poor health into your life.

The way to start fixing all of this and to attract abundance is to focus on what you want, as opposed to what you don’t want. It isn’t always easy to do, and a lot of your thoughts will be at the subconscious level, but you need to constantly be aware of what your true focus is. The more you can focus on the things you truly want, the sooner you will have them.

There is one major catch to all of this though. Focus in and of itself isn’t quite enough. You also have to firmly believe that you can attract abundance. The problem is that if you are lacking things, then it’s hard to believe you can have them as there is no physical evidence. The good news is that you can get around this problem.

What you need to do is create evidence of abundance before you actually have that abundance. You can start retraining your brain to see evidence in two main ways. Soak up success stories of those people who already have the things you want. This will program your mind to see that these things are truly possible. The other thing you can do is surround yourself with pictures of those same things. By doing that you will get visual reminders that these things exist, and are there for you as well.

Another important thing to do to attract abundance is to build on your successes. Think of each achievement as a sign that you are getting what you want, and then you will quickly find that you get more. Then when you get more, build on it. Before you know it, you will be met with a flood of abundance as your thoughts come to their inevitable and positive conclusion.

The Steps to Creating Abundance

1. Believe you can have all that you want and more

Everything hinges on your belief in the possible and impossible. Belief isn’t always easy to come by, but even if you can believe that you will eventually believe, then you will be off to a good start. However, the deeper and more sincere your belief, the powerful the effect of creating abundance will be.

2. Forget about what you don’t want

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when attempting to add things to their lives. They think about how they don’t want to be fat, how they want to get out of debt, how they are sick of living in a small, run-down apartment. On the surface, that would seem to make sense, but what is really being focused on? The answer is that it’s the negative things being focused on. See, the mind can’t tell the difference in a conditional thought, so when someone says “I want to get out of debt”, the brain hears “debt” and then starts working to get more of it.

3. Focus on the positive

Getting rid of what you don’t want is only part of the picture; you also need to focus on what you do want. Instead of saying “I want to lose weight”, say something like “I will be at my ideal weight and it feels awesome!” An easy way to do this is to look at your negative focus and ask yourself what you want the end result to be and why you want it; that will lead you back to positive thoughts that create abundance.

4. Take action to speed up the process

All of the thinking in the world can’t cause anything to happen. You must also prove your belief by taking action to create abundance. For example, if you want to have a healthier body, then you need to watch what you eat and engage in physical activity. If thoughts are powerful, then thoughts combined with action are unstoppable. Another thing to keep in mind is that your thoughts and actions need to be harmonious; otherwise, they will negate each other.

5. Be a willing recipient of abundance

This can be a sticking point for a lot of people if they aren’t prepared for it. They do everything else right, but when they get what they want they don’t know how to accept it, or they tell themselves they don’t really deserve it. The thing is that it doesn’t matter if you “deserve it” or not. When you follow these steps to create abundance, it will happen, so when you get what you want, be ready and willing to accept with gratitude.

- Steps To Attracting Prosperity -

There have always been some people who seem to have everything they want, and some people who can’t seem to get anything they want; so what’s the difference between these two groups of people? It all comes down to attracting prosperity.

What you need to understand is that you are always attracting something. If you are poor, then it’s because you have created a state of lack in your life. But if you’re poor, then chances are good that you are not aware of how you have brought that into your life. The good news is that attracting prosperity uses the exact same mechanisms as attracting poverty.

It may be uncomfortable, but you need to fully admit that you have caused your current situation; you need to accept it; you need to embrace it. You may have some negative feelings, but these will only be temporary. The point is to convince yourself that you are responsible for where you are right now.

Once you accept responsibility for your present circumstances, you can turn it around and start attracting prosperity. The way you do that is by changing your thoughts.

“Wait a minute! I’m already thinking about not being in this mess. I’m always focusing on getting out of this hole, and I want to have a better life.” Sound familiar? If so, then you have identified a simple, but critical flaw in your thinking.

You will get what you focus on, but your mind will only focus on the subject and not any conditions you place on it. So, while you are consciously thinking about “not being in this mess” your subconscious ignores the word ‘not’ because it’s conditional. Instead, it focuses on “this mess” and that’s what it attracts.

Once you understand how it works, you can start thinking about exactly what you want in place of what you don’t want. So, instead of “getting out of this mess” you start thinking about “living in a beautiful home”.

That’s only a brief example, but there is another important step to attracting prosperity, and that is to be specific. The more specific you are, the more believable it will be to your subconscious mind. Why does that matter? Because once your subconscious believes something, it will do everything it can to make it a reality.

Apart from focusing on what you want and being specific, you also need to add strong emotion to your thoughts. If you have ever found yourself doing something emotional, even though your mind was telling you to stop, then you understand how powerful emotions can be. The trick to attracting prosperity is to put the power of those emotions to work for you.

You can have the things you want. Attracting prosperity is a simple matter of following the right steps to make it happen. It takes practice, but it will be more than worth it once you have the things you want.

- Rules Of Attraction -

One of the funniest things in cartoons is when a character suddenly finds themselves suspended in midair, and they just hang there as if nothing is wrong. Then another character comes along to remind them of the law of gravity, and it’s at that point that the first character plummets to the ground. The rules of attraction don’t work like that in real life — you can’t ignore them because they are always at work.

This can actually be a disturbing thought if you don’t have the things that you want. Why? Because these rules are constantly in effect, and they can’t be avoided, it means that you have created your current situation in one way or another. Sure, there are always external circumstances that can have an impact on the state of your life, but they are not the main factor; which leads to the question of just what the main factor is.


That’s right, more than anything else, your thoughts control what comes into your life, good or bad. So, if you don’t have what you currently want, then your thoughts are the reason. The amazing thing is that the rules of attraction also state that your thoughts can solve your problems as well.

To put it simply, you will get what you focus on. This sounds easy in theory, but you have to be very careful about how you go about purposeful thinking. For example, if you’re sick of being broke because you’re in debt, then it would make sense to focus on getting out of debt. But those thoughts will only lead you into deeper debt. While your conscious mind may understand the difference, your subconscious mind will only focus on the subject of your thoughts, but not conditionally. In this case, it will only think about debt, and not the “getting out” part.

The rules of attraction are actually quite basic, but don’t let their simplicity fool you; they are very powerful, and they work 100% of the time. The only question is whether they will be working against you, or if you will them working for you.

Getting your thoughts to work their magic takes some practice, but it gets easier and easier. Each success builds on the previous one, and then you reach a tipping point where it seems as though you are getting even more than you imagined.

Now, thinking alone will help, but expectation is another one of the rules of attraction. What that means is that you have to fully expect that you will get the things you’re focusing on. See, when your thoughts and expectations are properly aligned you will be amplifying the attractive effect in your life.

You also need to be ready for all of the good things that are going to come your way.

An attitude of gratitude is one of the most important and overlooked rules of attraction. By being grateful, you will be sending the signal that you are a worthy recipient of whatever it is that you want.




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