Find Your Core: Powerful Affirmations

Create each new day with your words

Anyone living in a metropolitan environment is bombarded daily by cynicism and negativity, whether it comes from the media, peers, sometimes family members, or most likely, above all, from our own brains. Negativity is like gravity. It is constantly pulling us down. How to obtain enough fuel and power to be as strong as a rocket and defy negativity’s downward spiral?

1. Eliminate Excuses. The first thing to do is eliminate excuses. Excuses are little lies in your head that tell you that you are weaker than whatever it is that you are excusing yourself about. Do not give them any credit. You were created to be a triumphant being, not a weak one. So rather than excuses, keep this affirmation always on the fore-front of your mind:

“No circumstance is too big for me. I can be triumphant and overcome any obstacle.”

2. Stay Objective. It is so odd how our minds tend to place us smack-dab right in the middle of a situation, as if the world revolved around us. This type of subjectivity is the result of immaturity. Physically, you cannot make yourself grow (at least not upwards), but emotionally you can. A simple trick is to detach yourself from the situation and look at it as an objective observer, as if it did not involve you. Pretend that your emotions can be placed outside of yourself, and you can become like the well-known alien from a famous television series about inter-galactic journeys who can control his emotions. His name rhymes with “stock.” One powerful affirmation is to state:

“I control my emotions. My emotions do not control me.”

3. Have empathy. Whenever you are able to detach yourself from a situation and look at it objectively, you begin to experience compassion for others involved, and have empathy, which means that you are able to understand their point of view just as much as you understand yours. In a sense, empathy is a consequence of being objective. It is also a very liberating experience. You may not even agree, but you understand. And to be an understanding person in today’s society is in itself a great conquest. Think about those people in your life who help you feel covered and understood, simply because they understand you. Wouldn’t you love to pass it on and be the one who understands others? The affirmation for this step is:

“I would rather understand than be understood.”

4. Be Kind to Yourself and To Others. Independent of culture or religion, the fact that love is the most powerful force in the universe is a well-known fact throughout the world. One of love’s attributes, besides being unfailing, is simply that it is kind. Being kind to yourself and to others means that you’re not judgmental and you’re not harsh. You cut yourself and others some “emotional slack.” You strive to be more easy-going and less forceful of your ways. If something is bothering you inside, eating away at you, then it is more difficult to disengage from having a harsh reaction. That negative emotion permeates everything you do and say. In that case, you follow step 2 of detaching yourself from the negativity, becoming emotionless, only so that you can attach yourself to the new positive emotion; kindness. Voice it over a few times, as if your words were creating kindness in you:

“I choose kindness over harshness. I am kind and gentle.”

These four simple affirmations, if done daily and simply, in your “alone” time, will revolutionize the way you see the world and how you think about yourself. You will gain a new perspective in life and be on your way to enjoy peace of mind.

Eliminate excuses. Stay objective. Have empathy. Be kind to yourself and others.

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