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Taking The High Speed Train Between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (Photos + Video)

The journey takes a little over 30 minutes

In September 2018, the new fast train route running between Jerusalem’s new Yitzhak Navon station and Tel Aviv HaHagana was officially inaugurated.

A video depicting the high speed rail journey between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Video: Daniel Rosehill.

Initially, the train only traveled between Jerusalem and Ben Gurion Airport (in Hebrew called ‘Natbag’) and passengers continuing to Tel Aviv had to change transport.

Later, the route was extended, as planned, to Tel Aviv itself (the line made it to HaHagana firstly, in December 2019, and later to Savidor Central).

The line was the first heavy train line in Israel to be electrified and the journey from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv takes a little over half an hour.

Jerusalem’s Yizhak Navon station is one of the deepest train stations in the world. According to Wikipedia, it’s the world’s deepest heavy rail passenger station and the fourth deepest underground train station in the world.

Yizhak Navon railyway station from the outside. Photo: Daniel Rosehill.
The departure board inside the Yizhak Navon railway station in Jerusalem. Photo: Daniel Rosehill
Descending inside one of the long series of tunnels that carry passengers between the street level and the platform, some 80 meters below. Photo: Daniel Rosehill.
A tunnel inside the underground complex of the station. Photo: Daniel Rosehill.
An informational sign inside the train station complex. Photo: Daniel Rosehill
Inside one of the carriages. Photo: Daniel Rosehill.
After disembarking the train in Tel Aviv HaHagana Train Station. Photo: Daniel Rosehill.
The advantage of taking the train between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv: beating this! Rush hour traffic moving into Tel Aviv. Photo: Daniel Rosehill.

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