Living in Israel
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Living in Israel

The Case For Israel To Move To A Monday To Friday Workweek

Could a redistributed workweek increase worker satisfaction, productivity, and help overcome Israel’s productivity paradox?

The standard workweek by country. The Sunday to Thursday workweek that Israel shares with some Middle Eastern countries is colored dark gray. Monday to Friday is in light blue. Source: Wikipedia (CC0)

Is What We Have Really Working All That Well? Possibly Not

Israeli labor productivity plotted as productivity per hour and per worker. Taub Center for Social Policy studies in Israel. Reproduced with permission.

Remote Fridays Can Overcome The Shabbat Problem

Some potential alternative arrangements for the Israeli working week
An excerpt of the halachic times (zmanim) for Jerusalem, Israel last December 4th. This was the Shabbat that was closest to the earliest sunrise of the year, which occurred the next Monday on December 7th.

In An Export-Led Economy, Sundays Can Be A Wasted Day In The Office

  • Help maintain jobs in Israel by allowing some labor to be provided on Fridays
  • Eliminate lost productivity on Sundays when many Israelis are likely less productive waiting for work to be reviewed or approved by colleagues located overseas who do not start their workweeks until Monday



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