Remothering Earth

Joan O'Donnell
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3 min readAug 21, 2021


Unpsychology Magazine #7 Climate Complexity Change

I wrote this piece for Unpsychology, as a response to meeting the earth rising in the shape of a Buddhist nun, whose fearsomeness pivoted me into an uneasy and more honest relationship with myself.

The sky outside is darkening, turning the feeling of the room to mahogany, I taste the weight of the room wrap itself around me in the flicker of candles. They dance in the breeze of the stilling evening. The nun sits on the floor before us dressed in brown. I see her bald head shine and reflect light. I taste in the dryness in my mouth, a parched sense of longing. I hear her speak in her heavy French accent and I feel power arising from her.

I imagine her as a ballerina on a stage. I see her lips part and a gap in her teeth as she smiles broadly and everything about her exudes a raw sexuality, now settled in a brown robe and thick around the middle. I hear her words and they land on me and alter the molecules in my being. I catch glimpses of her wild youth, how it contrasts so much with my dull grey life in Ireland, imagining her ecstasy in meditation. My dry lips are cracking in the centrally heated shrine room. I hear the others breathe around me and the soft snore of the woman lying at the back under layers of blankets.

I feel I am tipping into love, though she offers no comfortable places in which to hide. Her voluptuous strength pulls me towards her, I want to…