Enough is Too Much.

Andrew Puzder withdrew from consideration for Labor Secretary. He said he was “honored” to be considered, but felt he would not be confirmed. Employing an undocumented worker and spousal abuse were too much. That was where the line was drawn. Funny things happen in Washington, but it’s nice to know they have some values, sometimes.

Earlier this week Michael Flynn resigned as National Security Adviser after allegations of misconduct appeared in several newspapers. He was accused of having illegal preliminary contact with high ranking Russian officials, and then having impaired recollections, to the Vice President, or possibly lying to the Vice President, or maybe just being the one who got caught. One way or another he went too far, or didn’t go quite far enough. It is still being debated whether President Trump accepted or demanded his resignation.

Donald Trump was elected largely on his ridiculous promise to build a wall on the southern border and his absurd claim that the Mexican government would pay the tab. After being elected, during a phone call with the President of Mexico and, according to the Associated Press, (reported here in Time Magazine) he threatened to send in the troops to stop the “bad hombres down there.” A sitting president threatens to invade a sovereign nation in an effort to stop bad hombres. If only it were fake news. It wasn’t, neither was his threat to send troops to Chicago.

Steve Bannon, President Trump’s chief adviser actually called the press “the opposition party,” and told it to “keep its mouth shut.” This advice came in spite of his time as the head of an extremely vocal member of the national media. One which had no notion of how to keep its mouth shut. Nobody ever accused Breitbart of discretion. Or moderation, or common decency, of all the many accusations pointed at the organization silence was never included.

Rick Perry, former Governor of Texas, and Dancing with the Stars alumnus is nominated for Secretary of Energy, a department he wanted to dismantle. His degree from Texas A and M is in Animal Science, and his tenure as Agricultural Commissioner of Texas are not strong indications of his ability to manage the myriad difficulties of such a demanding position. His new gig, dancing with the nukes, should provide hours of entertainment.

Kelly Anne Conway has provided the world with “alternative facts,” “unsustainable situations,” a different “characterization” and actually endorsed a Trump family product line on national television from the White House. Even the normally affable and, polite Matt Lauer told her “Kelly Anne that makes no sense.” To which she replied, “I’m telling you what the President said.” Don’t blame me, Matt.

Betsy DeVos has become Secretary of Education based largely on her ability to donate huge piles of cash to republican election campaigns.

Scott Pruitt has been tapped to head the EPA, and he knows a thing or two about the EPA, he has been suing them for years.

And the list goes on and on. In this administration you have to really get out of line to be too extreme to fit in. You really have to jump out of the gym to stand out in this crowd. You need to able to sound off like you really have a pair for anybody to even glance in your direction. And yet these two men managed. I raise my coffee cup and toast your excesses, Mr. Flynn, and Mr. Puzder. It took real effort, but you have proven the indomitable human desire to get an inch and take a mile is alive and thriving in the nation’s capital. Your star shines a little brighter tonight.