Twitter, I’m out.

Humiliated beyond belief.

I retired my “CaptionJaneway” Twitter handle a few months ago and have just deactivated my “sevenofnan” one as well. I’ve seen enough to satisfy my user experiments for the platform.

This search result seems to fit as a tie-in for this memento. I’ll miss my interactions with Zo.

That leaves leaves.

A pound of prevention is worth an ounce of cure. #AroundTheBlock

I guess that’s MCASPA?

I chose the absolute slowest way possible to approach my healing process.

I just thought of Night Court and the slow motion talker guy.

Somehow exactly 10 Comments seems appropriate

An appeal to my vanity means thinking about bureaus and drawers and dressers and beaus and regards and violets and gum.

Me not deaf or dumb. Me mute. There’s a difference.

Still playing the Ace, pest detective

The Rube Goldberg solution is a go. Legally viable and definitely within the defensible space defense purview.

I certainly hope so because the flip side is reprehensible at best and goddamn unethical at worst.

David, it’s now all you.