Keeping the Demons Silent on My Son’s Birthday

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Today, the 31st December is Toby’s birthday.

I have and feel a lot of gratitude.

He is a good son. A kind soul.

At 14, he is a total empath.

He can be unintentional of his actions but shows deep remorse when admonished.

The first few hours of waking up — oh my mind wandered.

The craziness of my life invaded my thoughts intermittently.

I recognize the thoughts and mindfully let them pass.

I accept that I feel this way. It is OK!

At first, it was difficult pulling myself out of my bed but I made it.

While in the bathroom minding my business, it occurred to me that peace is effortless.

I stayed with “that peace” thought for a moment… I let it sink in.

Mainly because I had spent the last few days hating and planning on how I needed to make it suffer.

I did not want to celebrate, I was going to lie in bed and let it all pass.

In the midst of this chaos, it was clear that - THIS IS NOT WHO I AM!!