Start Easy. The Hard Way

by Silvio Gulizia

If you are still considering to launch a new project, you are about to fail. The best thing is to start without spending too much time thinking about it.

I spent much more time in thinking about this blog than launching it. Actually, I am not ready to start publishing it now, but it’s up and running and you can read it. This was the hard part of the game: to start. If you wait until you are ready, you will never be. You’ll lose the focus, and the project will be over even before starting. So I launched on Posthaven, a platform that helped me begin instantly to publish posts, even if it was not what I wanted to do. Then I got back to Wordpress, that offered a better starting point.

Start Now

If you wish to run successfully a project you have to start now before you have the experience to start it the right way. Experience will come. And my English will improve. But now I am here, I built a basic website and published a few posts in a basic English that you can understand. I am blogging in English right now, and I set up a new blog to write about topics I discovered I am now more interested.

Your first move must be so easy to do that you can’t say no. Posthaven helped in this, by adding a little bit of curiosity.

Improve Today

Once you have an initial version of your project, an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), you can improve on it. The more I write in English, the more I speed up my composition; I learn new Vocabularies; I improve my grammar by studying a bit every day, just what I need to publish one more post.

A little bit. Every day. Just move on.

Don’t Run

Keep focus. Keep focus. Keep focus.

A little bit every day.

Just move on.

Don’t push the feet on the accelerator; be constant. Just go. A little bit faster every day.

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