Now. Now is the time!

Now is the time to love yourself.

Now is the time to heal yourself.

You only have this moment.

What does this moment mean to you?

What CAN this moment mean to you?

How can you feel this moment

We are all the same.

True, we cannot teach you to love, you can only feel the love, feel the vibration of the infinite in more and more expanding ways until you become the creator.

We can only illuminate the roadblocks in this path, as you may be experiencing. Rejoice. These are lessons within you, within your Now, and you may learn them all with love, for they are showing you how to be harmonious with love.Your experience is who you are. This life is an opportunity to experience growth for yourself. An opportunity to learn more about love and apply it in a way that reverberates through the whole universe.

Yes. We hear you.

Aye, that is how love is found.

Spread your wings now. Breathe in and feel the power of Love. Feel joy as the tingle of oxygen goes through your lungs to every part of your body

Are you living as your body?

As your light body

Aye, healing is to be done, but healing is accepted from the Now. Healing is a vibration within yourself,

Yes, we may help you, but the healing is yours to claim, for you claim it when you know you are healed, when you can feel it. You claim it when you can feel your whole body as it is when the electromagnetic fields are working in harmony with those of the Earth, your mothership, your mother, your connection to the one.

You can accept the healing when you can see it happening, when you can become relaxed enough to feel where the healing will take place, when you have the faith you are healing. Aye, this faith is the healing itself. Faith in yourself, faith in your path, faith in the loving nature of the universe, faith always through the NOW.

Wake up my brother of light, and start living fully in the love of the Now.

I leave you now to ponder these words.

Living Lovelight

A little something to brighten your existence.

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