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Au revoir 2021

2021- A year of great challenges and amazing growth. This is how I would like to recall you 2021.

Let’s reflect and thank 2021 before inviting the wonderful new year 2022. ❤️

Dear 2021,

I started my new year with my parents. I was in India that time. They filled me up with lots of energy, optimism, and encouragement to kick you off.

When I came back from India and because I have been reflecting my 2020, I had more clarity in my mind for my personal and professional goals.

I have been speaking my mind since a long time, but this year, I learnt the technique of “how to communicate your mind & not get affected by the output. Although it’s still work in progress.

This year, a major shift happened in my mind. I give my best but then I stopped controlling the output.

I used to be afraid of the results considering how much time/efforts I have invested in something and used to get disappointed if it didn’t end up in the expected result. But I am aware of it now and catch myself up with the thoughts.

There are 4 steps:

1)Learn. 2)Aware. 3)Accept. 4)Take actions.

This year, I could manage to break a pattern which created so much impact on me. These patterns we tend to inculcate in our selves unconsciously because of the society. It took me a while to break it. But the important take away here is to be consistent with your action, be kind to yourself through that process, and keep going on until you break that pattern.

The other important thing, I managed to change my company and got into one of the company which was aligned with my professional goals.

Before I moved into a new company, I wanted to challenge myself so that I can feel “a new Surbhi”. I thought of doing some adventure, and Paragliding came into my mind. But then a thought crossed my mind that “hey Surbhi, why not start from the top!!”

So I decided to go for Skydiving. Honestly, I had only excitement feeling until I landed in Empuribrava, Spain-the place where all these adventurous activities happen……

…I started to feel scared when they called me. I was acting cool but losing my words. My real expressions and feeling became completely obvious when I was in aeroplane, 4000ft high in the sky (above the clouds) and the door was opened for the first time to let the air in.

There were 8 other regular skydivers. I was the only one who was experiencing it for the first time. So they were quite relaxed, singing, and one guy was actually taking nap 💤

But it didn’t help me to relax much. I knew that the moment, the door🚪opens for the second time, it’s my turn to jump.

The moment came ⏰. My instructor started preparing up and he attached me to him and voila, the door opened- he pushed me out of the gate and my heart was in my mouth 👄

It was super duper windy 🌬 that it was distorting the face completely. I was scared 😱 in the beginning. I was supposed to open my arms after a while, but I was clenched to the belt. My instructor opened my arms a bit forcefully. ;)

Gradually I enjoyed being in the sky 🌌 and felt that am flying.

I wanted to feel like a bird, but I would be lying if I say so, because I was not comfortable enough up in the air for the first time.

Overall, it was such a surreal experience for me. I crossed the clouds ☁️ ⛅️ stayed in the sky for a while, felt the gravity and then flew via parachute. 🪂 🛩 🦅

Most importantly, I felt so empowered 💪 👩. I was literally a new version of Surbhi.

It was also one amazing solo trio to Barcelona. I am proud of myself for organising my each day activity so well with the clear goal in mind. The strangers I met during the trip, appreciated me for the same. I bumped into kind souls, we exchanged stories, and then we happened to spent time together for the rest of the trip and we are still connected, now as friends. :)

I enjoyed roaming around in the streets of Barcelona 🇪🇸 and exploring touristic and non-touristic places.

I felt so many emotions just in one trip — Satisfied, happy, excited, lost, empowered, self love. Here is the glimpse of it. ;)

Once I was back from vacations, I was definitely ready to join my new company with a bundle of energy. ☀️

Joining this company, was also one of the best decisions I took in 2021. I am giving my best, learning a lot and definitely growing. Found some amazing colleagues and they are my good friends now. It always feels amazing to meet people who are aligned with you. ❤️

Although, a few months back, it was kind of a test via my new company.

One of my colleague was not communicating well and expecting certain things in her head 🧠 , which created the chaotic situation. As I was in the trial period and it impacted a bit on me as well.

I tried to communicate with her, but things were not working because other people started intervening and she, instead of directly talking to me, she was inviting my manager. My manager didn’t like her behaviour either.

In that situation, I had two options:

  1. Getting stressed about the situation which is not in my control
  2. Do your best and then let things happen the way it is supposed to.

This time, the new me, chose to go with the 2nd version. I kept giving my best, and stopped overthinking about the situation.

Gradually, all fell into place.

Although it’s not easy to stress over such things being a human being. But this is what I learnt specially in 2021 and am glad that I could trace my behaviour this time and act according to my new learnings.

Last but not the least, my brother moved back to Paris, which is an amazing feeling to have family around.

Thank you 2021 for the growth mindset, crazy adventures, amazing people who were there in my good or bad and chose to stay around me and the new people who entered in my life with all the awesome vibes to bring smile on my face.

I bid you farewell 2021 with all the love in my heart ❤️ and welcome another year 2022. I hope and manifest with all the optimistic mindset and focus to accomplish all the goals successfully and bring more and more happiness, pure smile on my parents’ face and the people around me.

WELCOME 2022!!!!🔥 😊 🎊 🎉 🎈 💕 ❤️

Thank you again for helping me growing personally and professionally.

Je t’aime 2021 and I am very much grateful for you. ❤️




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