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Dear Drugs

An open letter to drugs and on the fascinating side of them. I know about the drastic side also, but I chose not to write about that!

Enter The Void-Film Cover

I’ve never had the occasion to ever meet you. I think it’s a shame but I guess it’s just the way it is. It might be because of my parents, mainly my mother. You know when she tells you at a very young age how they are bad for you and she repeats it over and over again, you end up believing it… I find Mothers very difficult, especially French ones. They are the worst. I sometimes wished I had an Italian mother… Maybe in another world we’ll be able to choose mothers; I’m scared of another world. I really hope they won’t do anything stupid.

Although I never had you inside me, I love the concept of taking you. I met a few weirdos taking drugs. I used to hang out with them and boy…they were crazy, or should I say insane? Pure irrationality! Just like crazy diamonds. They were kind of funny though, I kinda liked it. I used to take clown classes, and theatre and so I enjoy mimicking people at times, I use to mimic my friends, they were kind enough to let me into their world. We laughed together. They were high on acid or weed (I’m not too sure) I was high on wine but we were high together and that’s the important part. So anyway, I kind of mirrored their behaviour and that’s how I took drugs. Pretty cool stuff! Now, I associate life to drugs. My life is my drug. It’s kind of magical to be honest: I manage to walk in the forest and see trees that grew upside down and giggle. I don’t know if it’s my imagination playing tricks on me or if it’s the conceptual drugs or just simply put: life. I am loving it!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I am trippin’ man. My life is my drug. I think I just found my purpose in life. But there was one tiny problem: by not taking the real you, I thought there was a tiny misunderstanding. I vaguely remember my early 20s, my friend was sniffing this white powder, he requested that I join him. He was quite upset but after a year, he looked at me, and shouted: “You know, I like you man, you have character, you stand for something. You know what you want and what you do not want.”

Too many drugs might also be the answer. You know when David Bowie came to Berlin when he was experiencing cocaïne addiction, and Berlin, known for being one of the capital of drugs, it cured him! How incredible is that? I don’t know what it is: What is the cure? Is it taking many drugs? Is the cure Berlin? Is the cure living life to the fullest? Is the cure imagination?

Anyway, I shall seize this opportunity and blend all these cures to create something that will blow the worlds’ mind.

I really think that drugs offer the answer, an alternative, it opens the door to a new world. Let’s see what this new world has to offer. Maybe we’ll land on Mars? Or even better, on Jupiter!

Drugs, I want to personally thank you for the advice you gave me. Quit your job, start a company and make sure that this company is better than LSD, heroin and ecstasy combined.




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