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He Ain’t Coming Back — But There Is Something Better in Store

Just wait.

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“Patience attracts happiness; it brings near that which is far.”

— Swahili Proverb

Have you ever been in a situation where you have wanted something or someone so much that your frustration levels skyrocketed?

Where you feel that life is unfair and why did you have to experience some of your happiest days with that person, leaving you devastated once it ended. If it had to end, why meet that person anyway?

You begin to question everything. You try to figure out those specific moments where you ignored the signs. You wish you could spare your heart the misery. But life is never that easy.

What do you do then? How do you convince your heart that the best is yet to come? How do you keep looking ahead while having that immense faith that what didn’t happen was a sign that something better is on its way?

You see, we may channel our energies towards the faith in a positive outcome. But it feels like a rope tied to your waist, and someone else is pulling you that keeps you from moving forward.

That’s how it feels when you wish you could be with your past, but your present reality is shattered and painful.

Let It All Out

So, we let the tears flow. As I sat for my meditation practice, it’s strange how our buried emotions bubble up, leaving you with a stream of tears. You wonder where this pain was all this while, and it feels like a detox session. The best thing you can do is let it flow. Let those warm droplets fall on your lap. Don’t hold back.

Then, change the lens through which you are viewing your life at this very moment. One thing is sure; there is no going back.

What’s done is done, and the person won’t return. But that also means that if something so good had to end, there is something even better in store.

We don’t know what that looks like. We don’t know whether that is better than enjoying life by fulfilling our deepest desires or meeting someone new. All we can do is drive with headlights on and follow the road without knowing what lies ahead.

And last but not least, don’t do anything that will feel good momentarily but will cause long-term pain. Like you give in to pleasure moments only to feel miserable. And if you are someone who loves stability, knowing that the person is not going to last, things just become worse.

Hang in there. We made it so far, and there will be sunshine through our internal storm. We have to breathe, let it all out, and do as our heart desires. We need to find a new purpose, dive into inspiring stories that had it worse and pulled on.

When pain takes over your mind and body, everything else feels like a blur. Don’t beat yourself for not having compassion towards others and other significant events, as you need to get a hold of yourself first.

Only when you feel stable and secure can you help someone else from falling.

So, take as much time as you need, cry, and heal. There is no time limit to healing. Even though we get a hold of ourselves after a while, there will be moments where we find ourselves back in this dark tunnel.

But remember, this too shall pass. You survived the wrath before; you can do it again. And through it, all, remember, if it didn’t work out, there is ALWAYS something fantastic in store. Just be patient!

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