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Living Out Loud

Let’s Be Someone Else’s Light

Help India breathe.

Photo by Josh Boot on Unsplash

I want to taste nature’s bliss,
But a virus got me caged.
I dream to touch the salty waves,
But my feet are locked as a new variant makes its way.

I won’t get drunk on wine,
But let me out instead.
The smell of flowers and wet grass,
Will get me intoxicated in moments I can bet.

Countless names turning into numbers,
And everywhere you look oxygen is the new gold and medicine silver.
Animals have shown humans their rightful place,
Humans are now begging to be let out and breathe fresh air.

People don’t know what vacations are like,
But are praying and consoling loved ones to breathe and live another night.
Bodies dropping on cremation grounds like flies on mice.
Relatives saying goodbyes from far through their helpless cries.

Yes, it’s a wave and it’s washing away countless souls,
People across the globe are helping to revive the ones who still have hope.
You and I are following protocols and sending help every way we can,
Finally social media is not about glamorous pictures,
And Instagram stories are about real names and contact numbers.

The word positive is now not a nice word,
It scares people to their guts.
Staying calm through troubled times,
So that they can see ‘negative’ in their reports.

May arrives, in faith that the wave slows down,
In the hope of a new sunshine people gather virtually to heal and spread smiles.
Stay safe, meditate and focus on the now.
As to be a part of tomorrow you need to breathe and survive this toil.

This too shall pass, repeat this mantra to your loved ones.
We have each other and let all the hatred wither.
You and I will get through this its only a matter of time.
Till then hang in there and let’s shun darkness by being someone’s light.

You too can be the light in someone’s darkness by helping the efforts of ‘Give India’. Lets fight COVID-19 together.



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