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The Bureaucrat

Beauty, mysticism, and yet completely unreal.

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I sometimes ask myself: are bureaucrates making everything easy, more challenging or, simply put: more beautiful? It’s a very legitimate question to ask yourself if you ask me. Maybe better not to think too much actually and think excitement instead of thinking bureaucracy. But wait a minute, are bureaucrates making life more stimulating? Is that so? Is that even a possibility?

Yes! Bureaucrates are making life exciting! Have Patience.

They are the very reason why life is not dull. They make it challenging. Yes sir, they do indeed. Or should I say Madam. Sorry sir, it’s madam, I’m awfully sorry; I got confused for a sec.

But why? Why in the name of Saint Tony would you want to make life so challenging? Life is already quite crazy, make it more challenging? Has the world gone mad? It makes no sense. No sense at all you moron!

Dude, listen to me. Look, they may make it a little more challenging but it makes total sense. It provides understanding and order. Order in disorder! Who would not want that? Everything is simply clean.

Life is so perfect with the Autocrates, quotas, beautiful, serene and sexy. There is a place for everyone and everyone has a place. BUT, as there is always a but, they chose the place. That’s why they have quotas now. No?

If you ask me, they have quite a peculiar way of looking at life. Not sure if I want to call it detachment? Maybe they are not connected to reality….

A laureate turned bureaucrate, that is the thing to do! You’ll be higher up the ladder, you’ll have a very special know how, a global vision and, as there is always an AND, you’ll understand all the different places that exist on planet earth and where people belong. It’s such an amazing thing! Do trust me.

I have strictly no idea why, but really, I do not. I do not know why more and more, as the days passes , I think of computers when I hear the word bureaucrate. As if the bureaucrates were the administrators, the ones with all the keys and passwords. The new world belongs to the administrator. They are the new Neos’. But wait a minute, where is Morpheus and Trinity? Are we suddenly playing the Where is Charlie game? You may have to wait for the next article for more understanding, in the meantime, just focus on being Neo.

More bureaucrats, it gives us more administrators, which gives us more keys, which gives us more openings, which then gives us a sense of adventure and more Neos’. It’s a new world my friends!

Have I given you enough reasons to become a bureaucrat? If not, please do call me, I’ll give you my number.

Boiling regards,

Imaginary name X.



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