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The ‘Mango Effect’

Mango is not just a fruit; it’s life.

Photo by HOTCHICKSING on Unsplash

It’s May, and that means mango season is here. Amidst the blistering heat (although cyclone Tauktae provided some relief and a lot of destruction), people in India wait to relish this seasonal fruit.

India is famous for its food and its food lovers. Naturally, it uses mango in a variety of dishes. To name a few, ‘aamras’, ‘ras poori’, ‘mango lassi’ and a variety of mango pickles are made almost in every household.

Photo by Harshad Khandare on Unsplash

One would wish to enjoy this fruit throughout the year; however, this fruit makes an appearance in full swing and goes quite swiftly, too, once India experiences rain during the end of June.

A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.

— Jackie Robinson

As I relish my last piece of mango, it struck me that we, too, appear in people’s lives at specific moments. However, are we celebrated, cherished, and remembered as the sweet mango? Or do we just become a memory that people forget over time?

Let me tell you that mangoes are an expensive affair in Mumbai. If you don’t belong to the greenery-filled village, mangoes are as costly as gold in the city. However, the common man and woman saves every penny and somehow manages to buy a dozen mangoes for the family. Why?, because the moment this fruit touches your lips, your eyes begin to glow, there is silence, and people drown in its sweetness.

Can we leave such an impact then as the mango? Sure, we can. Here is how –

Be Present

The mango makes its presence felt by being its natural self. Bright yellow with a tinge of orange and green in places, it demands attention. All it is, is its authentic self and is with you in the present. While enjoying a mango, we don’t think of when the season will pass. We forget everything and enjoy this very moment of pure sweet bliss.

As humans, we want always to be everywhere. When we are with our parents, we think of our partners; when we are with our partners, we suddenly think of the friend we haven’t spoken to. When we are with our friend, we think about that errand. In this way, how do you leave the ‘mango effect’ on anyone?

We can’t. If we genuinely want to leave that effect, we need to stay present in each moment. That’s the only way our partner, parents, and friends will cherish us because we gave them our wholehearted time and attention. Only then will we be valued, and people will invest their time and energy in us. As we were successful in delivering the ‘mango effect’.

My Time Is Precious — Take It or Leave It

We can enjoy mangoes for a limited period. It takes its time to grow, does its job of feeding people and then leaves for another year to be fed with water and fertilisers. If you miss out on the season, it’s your loss. It values its time.

Similarly, we need to value our time and give it to those who genuinely want to spend their time with us. Even if that means not meeting anyone, it’s fine. When you get an opportunity to spend time with yourself, make yourself essential by upgrading to new skills, working out, meditating, or simply losing yourself in a hobby. When you invest quality time in yourself and others realise that you value time, people automatically will show respect towards you and your time. Only then will people not take you for granted and appreciate your time with them just as we love the mango season.

If You Provide Value — I Am Willing to Invest No Matter the Cost

Taste, after taste and pure satisfaction to the taste buds. A good quality mango delivers this and much more, which is why people save every penny to invest in this magnificent fruit. If you look at it, the equation is simple. If you provide value, kindness, and compassion towards others, people will value you. They will be willing to go to the deep end to ensure your well-being. Why? Because you had shown more kindness and compassion when they needed it the most.

“What you sow, so shall you reap”.

And let me tell you, whoever sows the mango seed, God bless him/her.

So, this is what I call the ‘mango effect’. It’s seasonal, teaches you to be present and enjoy its taste and proves why it is a worthy investment. We have a lot to learn from this fruit. It is starting with giving gratitude that I can enjoy it with my family. ‘Oh mango, you teach me to be grateful too’.

Can this fruit BE any more amazing? Yes, ‘Chandler’ pun intended.



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