The Side Effects of Rediscovering *Soul* Wisdom

Even matters of the soul come with a price.

Kim Petersen
May 1 · 7 min read

“What am I missing here?”

I wasn’t talking about anything tangible per se. I wasn’t even talking to another human. All I knew was that my life felt inauthentic, a little hollow, and a lot lost. As if each day was slowly eating away at my spirit. Or whatever.

The solution had nothing to do with the outside world. I had what I needed to survive. I loved and was loved. I had enough money to support myself and my children. I had spent time traveling, exploring ideas, and experiencing sporadic blissful moments along the way. Still, I couldn’t shake the sense of emptiness. Something was missing.

But what?

The more I went within myself to ponder the missing pieces, the more I realized that there was some form of order managing the path toward what I was seeking, like an invisible intelligence that responded to my insatiable curiosity. I felt it feeling me.

I wanted the answers in this red-hot second (as I do), but it didn’t work out that way (as it does). As much as it frustrated me, I realized that I had no control over the process or delivery of the divine wisdom buried in my soul. There was no choice but to keep digging for meaning if I was to rediscover the secrets of my soul.

That inner calling was compelling.

Soul Wisdom

“What I am missing here?”

It turns out that we are not just flesh and blood. The most significant part of us is not what our physical senses detect and is wholly connected to universal energy. It is so much wiser than what you may realize. I am referring to what is otherwise known as spirit or soul, or my personal favorite, the “real” you. Whether or not it is your destiny to go deeper on soul wisdom during this life doesn’t make it any less true — your soul knows stuff. Real stuff.

My perspective? Taking the time to discover your soul truths is well worth the offshoot. When you ask and are ready to receive soul wisdom, the gifts are profound, transformative, and life-enriching — and in my experience, the only path to finding true inner peace.

But that doesn’t mean the journey of the spirit is always effortless. Or that it grants you a lifetime exemption from experiencing pain, emotional hurt, bad people, and complications. However, it gives you the tools to navigate life situations, feelings, and people from a fresh, open, and more compassionate standpoint.

The side effects of rediscovering your soul wisdom are:

Woo-woo Cockamamie

Buddha said:

“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.”

The following is going to sound strange. When I was a young child, I distinctly recall moments when I would gaze at my reflection and experience an odd sense of disembodiment. It wasn’t something that I could articulate or fully comprehend at the time, more like a solid inner knowing that the girl staring back at me wasn’t me. I wondered how I had come to be in this body, and honestly, I felt foreign within its fleshy constraints.

I told you it was going to sound strange.

For many, their first reaction upon hearing the above narrative might be to slap me with a “crazy” label and dismiss me and this article with a smirk as they mutter the words, “woo-woo cockamamie.”

It’s one of the more negative side effects of rediscovering your soul wisdom. Well, when speaking about it out loud to those who are not able to relate anyhow.

Spirituality can be like that.

Have you noticed? I think it comes down to fear.

We naturally fear the things that challenge the framework that we create to cope with life. Anything outside of those personal constructs and mental arrangements can conjure a sense of threat.

None so much as expressing a journey of soul wisdom rediscovery.

You learn very fast who are on a similar wavelength here. That is your soul-wisdom-seeker kindred spirits. Everyone else is just chewy meat.

Nice enough, but not like gravy.

The Dark Night of the Soul

Bear with my story a little longer?

The ethereal-like sensations faded as I grew older and immersed myself in life. I had completely forgotten all about those childhood experiences until my early thirties, when, after finally walking out on a toxic marriage, I embarked on a journey of rediscovery — back to myself.

At first, I experienced a deep sense of darkness. It was that “lost” feeling I mentioned earlier. As if I had to go through a process of shedding to make way for something new.

I didn’t know it at the time, but the “dark night” has a profound purpose when awakening to soul truths — it exists to destroy outdated beliefs, identities, and habits that cannot accompany a fresh way of being in the world.

Side note: This turbulent side effect isn’t necessarily a one-off deal, either. The process tends to repeat when confronted by a highly profound spiritual revelation and the like.

Although extremely difficult, the “dark night” process paves the way for soulful, mind-blowing unveilings that will forever change you.

Here are a few hallmark signs of the dark night of the soul:

  • You feel a sense of abandonment and very alone in the world
  • You experience a deep understanding of despair and internal desperation
  • You may feel lost and directionless
  • Internal dissonance you cannot shake
  • You feel lethargic and may lose interest in life
  • You feel as if you don’t belong here, on this planet
  • You can feel the darkness clinging to your bones like a shadow
  • You feel a sense of isolation from everyone and everything
  • You continue to ponder the big things — life’s meaning, your connection to the universe, and your life purpose

Then, you will eventually begin to sense the light of your soul wisdom shining through as you undergo a dramatic shift in perspective, develop trust, and see life differently.

That was around the same time when I began to recall lost memories and visions as my mind (or third eye) opened to receive guidance from a higher energy source.

All of which created the foundation for….

Spiritual Rebirth Symptoms

I chose to discuss my childhood sensations as an attempt to demonstrate the convoluted and often confusing process of rediscovering your spiritual self. As young children, we may be more aware of and attuned to our divinity and connection to the universe because we’re still fresh, unblemished, and unjaded by the tribulations of life.

Perhaps our human experience is supposed to cause that separation between the physical and spiritual realities so that we may eventually make our way back home to the soul’s wisdom and act from that sacred space within. Rather than always operate from a lower, 3D dimensional viewpoint.

Ideally, before the choice is gone and we cark it.

Reconnecting with your soul knowledge is a process of integrating the spiritual lessons you have learned from doing the inner work and applying them to your daily life. It is a natural and conscious habit that takes deliberate practice as you infuse with your soul wisdom and function from that space, allowing your spirit to illuminate the path for others (as my Yoga teacher, Tony, puts it).

When it all started for me, I experienced divine signs and unusual phenomena in the form of reoccurring numbers, spiritual encounters, mystical experiences, and heightened psychic abilities. I began to connect the dots from past to present and toward a future shown to me in periodical glimpses.

There were moments of pure love, peace, and joy. There was a profound sense of unity, enlightenment, and insights that helped me expand my perspective to encompass the bigger picture. I was more present, patient, and appreciative. There was a deep sense of oneness and extraordinary moments of clarity that warmed my soul like nothing else before.

In short, rediscovering fragments of my soul wisdom changed my life and propelled me in a new, positive direction, including my writing journey.

Other soul wisdom side effects may include:

  • A deep craving for more meaning and authenticity
  • A strong soul-urge calling to follow a mysterious path
  • You concern yourself less with surface-level BS such as gossip and whatnot
  • You want to purge your life
  • Most conversations seem shallow
  • You spend more time alone, and you like it
  • You thirst for “real” people and more authentic experiences
  • You begin to “see” through societal created illusions
  • You develop a knack for “seeing” through most people
  • You realize that most of what you believe is a lie
  • You develop a more plunging sense of empathy and compassion
  • You will naturally repel those who emit lower vibrations and possess shady intentions
  • Your intuition becomes attuned to universal energy
  • You learn to go with the flow, judge less, tolerate more, and operate from love
  • And most importantly, you will take life less seriously, and your sense of humor begins to amplify

Woo-woo cockamamie, the dark night of the soul, and spiritual rebirth symptoms are just examples of the side effects experienced when delving into the beautiful mysteries of soul wisdom. We are all so different and remarkably unique, which means that no spiritual path is identical.

It’s worth keeping in mind that spiritual teachers have taught us that it is natural for our soul to evolve, expand, and mature over time. There is no one-size-fits-all path toward soul growth and spirituality, but no doubt the journey begins by asking a variation of one simple universal question:

“What am I missing here?”

The wisdom of your soul dwells deep inside you and awaits your rediscovery. You’ve just got to be ready to deal with the side effects and receive the guided answers.

Thank you for your time. Subscribe to hear more from me at Whispering Ink!

Much love to you ❤️

Living Out Loud

Real Life Now

Kim Petersen

Written by

USAT Bestselling Author. Aussie | Writing about: Soul. Love. Humor. Passion. Sensuality. Sex. Peas & Carrots — who’s hungry?

Living Out Loud

Real Love. Real People. Real Stories. Exploring what it means to live and love with passion and purpose.

Kim Petersen

Written by

USAT Bestselling Author. Aussie | Writing about: Soul. Love. Humor. Passion. Sensuality. Sex. Peas & Carrots — who’s hungry?

Living Out Loud

Real Love. Real People. Real Stories. Exploring what it means to live and love with passion and purpose.

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