Observation #4 Me and you and two dogs named Elwood P. “Cubby” Cubberly and Dietrich “Sparky” Buxtehude.

Currently we share our home with two Cavachons, Cubby and Sparky. When our children were young, we had big dogs- a short lived Bernese Mountain Dog, Phoebe, who, because we were inept, had an unsupervised rendezvous with a neighborhood gent, by name of Savage. Phoebe subsequently gave birth to a litter of 8, one of whom we kept, and called Argo. Later on, we adopted Muffin, who had lovely auburn fur, and was of unknown parentage. None of them were lap dogs, even though they were affectionate and sweet.

Note to all parents who are contemplating getting dogs for the kids… the kids are likely to leave home long before the dogs cross that rainbow bridge. So get them for yourselves. Both Andrew and Liz were well launched before Muffin, the youngest of them all grew old, and painfully tired enough for us to put her down.

We went quite a while without dogs after that. It was freeing, the true emptying of the nest. Then one day, in the fall of 2013, I was at a pumpkin carving festival, and I came across a woman carrying the most fetching canine I had ever seen. I was bewitched. She told me it was a Cavachon, and I saw that there was a breeder not one and one half hours from our home. Sign from the universe and all that.

Another note to parents: never take young children to see puppies if you aren’t prepared to add to the family. I went with our grandson Jackson to visit Shade Mountain Kennels, and the breeder said, well, as it happens….

So we ended up with Cubby and Sparky. At first it was just going to be Cubby, but Sparky licked my cheek strategically and that was that.

My daughter opined that David and I became enamored of Cavachons because they resemble us. I don’t see it, but there must be something to it. One day not too long ago, as David and I were walking the boys on the Upper West side of Manhattan, a lady walking towards us stopped dead in her tracks and exclaimed.


Then she added for good measure- if dogs DON’T look like owners, I know they are stolen. I don’t know what she would have done if she hadn’t seen a resemblance, and I’m grateful for that.

And truth be told, there are worse things to resemble.



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