We often hear folks talk about creating “good boundaries” and keeping “negative energy out.” I would like to encourage you to consider another alternative:

Focus on integrity and the deepest desire of your heart instead.

You see, in my experience, walls, borders and boundaries don’t only keep the “bad” out — they also keep the “good” out. The natural flow of the universe is one of constant flux.

Walls create separation.

Energy that doesn’t flow becomes toxic.

So instead of keeping things away or clinging to them (the source of suffering), keep your attention on what supports you and ask, “What is best for all?”

This will help you live in possibility and openness. It will draw to you what you focus on.

Do this rather than guarding yourself against what you don’t want, which will ironically draw what you don’t want to you.

In lovingkindness,

p.s. This post originally appeared in my private Facebook group, The Zen Life.

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