What you see is who you are

The first step into spiritual inquiry I would suggest you explore would be to comprehend that what you see is who you are.

A person pointing and claiming another person is “greedy” fails to see that this thought appeared in their own head. Whether “greed” exists in the other or nor, “greed” exists in the person whose finger you follow back.

This is the irony when you watch people project out into the world, see characteristics, claim they’re true, and fail to see how they are what they are projecting. They will say — this person is a narcissist or that person is toxic or greedy or whatever.

Okay, and have you looked to see how you are that way? Because the finger pointing is just a method used by the ego to keep us distracted from seeing this way within ourselves — thereby creating separation.

“Oh, I could never be that way…”

Well, actually, yes you are. And you are so much that way that if you were ever to actually embody that way, you would be severely beaten by the voices in your head. That’s why you fight so very hard not to be that way.

I see this with the person who wants to ask for a raise but thinks that it would be “selfish” to draw attention to herself by actually asking for one.

You know it’s her issue when she gets furious with others around her who are actually asking for raises (or whatever they want) — and getting them! How handy that she then calls them “selfish.”

“Selfish” surely exists in her. If we were to ask those raise-demanding fiends what they would call their actions, they likely wouldn’t call themselves selfish but rather perhaps “asking for what they want” or “negotiating.”

In fact, here’s what we know it to be for certain:

Asking for a raise.

In lovingkindness,

p.s. This piece originally appeared in my private Facebook group, The Zen Life.

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