Currencies as a Catalyst for Cultural Evolution (Part 2): Reimagining Currency in the Information Economy

These are the kinds of resource flows involved in order for you to be reading this article on your phone/computer. How do we collectively understand and shape such flows? (Photo by Tom Fisk from Pexels)

A Living Systems Perspective of Social Organisms

Redefining and Reclaiming Currency

The Main Dimensions of Currency Design: transactional vs non-transactional

The Concept of Currency as a Unifying Model

The Impact of a Unifying Model: Germ Theory

We need special instruments to see microbes because they are invisible to the naked eye. What aspects of social systems may be hidden from the naked eye, and what instruments can help reveal them? (image source: Wikimedia)

Introducing: Currency Theory

  • Currents and flows
  • Formal symbol systems

Current-sees and Flow-centric Perspectives

Flow-Centric vs Object-Centric Thought Experiment

A static representation of the cherry blossom tree in our CoFood Collaborative Garden.
  • a flow of materials: chemicals and nutrients are absorbed from the soil and atmosphere, converting into biomaterials used to maintain the overall function of a tree. All the material that makes up a tree once existed in the soil and atmosphere;
  • a flow of energy: photons (electromagnetic energy) from the sun are converted to chemical energy through a process known as photosynthesis. This chemical energy is required for all the work done by the cells to move and convert materials and information;
  • A flow of information: patterns of genetic information stored in DNA are transcribed to RNA, which is then used to synthesize proteins. Some of these proteins become signaling mechanisms known as hormones to transport vital information throughout the organism.

A Renewed Perspective of Living Social Organisms

Can you see this city in a flow-centric way? What patterns of flows organize resources into these structures? (Photo by Maxime Francis from Pexels)

Formalized Symbol Systems

The Currency Life Cycle

  1. The currency tokens or symbols themselves
  2. The system which establishes and maintains the rules for the currency tokens

The Token Life Cycle

The token life cycle via Udemy

The System Life Cycle

The system life cycle via Udemy

Transitioning into the Information Economy

A Living Systems Model of Wealth

Wealth: a Living Systems Model via The MetaCurrency Project




Living Systems Network is a collective working together to advance regenerative culture practices such as peer-to-peer governance and commons stewardship. We both draw inspiration from observing living systems, and model our evolution on living systems principles.

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Wesley Finck

Interested in novel patterns of social organization, biomimetic computing architectures (like Ceptr & holochain) and many other mind-warping paradigms.