Currencies as a Catalyst for Cultural Evolution (Part 3): Holochain and the Bigger Picture

Cosmic microwave background radiation — probably the “biggest” picture out there! We won’t be zooming out quite this far in this article, but there will be cosmic undertones in the background. (Image source: Wikipedia)

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First: Why does this all matter? A personal reflection.

I kept encountering barriers and challenges: it felt overly complicated to rethink currency in such a fundamental way. Why add more complexity to an already confusing concept?

How this journey has felt. The struggle to understand currencies never ends. (Image source: Photo by Wendelin Jacober from Pexels)

Playing the infinite game of open society

There’s something about seeing a city at night, especially from a plane, that leaves me in awe… (Image source: Photo by Benjamin Suter from Pexels)

The evolution of complex adaptive systems

An aerial view of the Network’s coFood Collaborative Garden (Image source: Living Systems Network)
Cellular automata demonstrates how basic rules (like the mechanisms of biological cells) can lead to emergent order
An important informational structure enabling the evolution of complex adaptive systems: DNA (Image source: Story Blocks)

Holochain, currencies and social coherence

An example degree. A token of certain static (basically, not digital) information backed by a system of integrity, the issuing university. (Image source: Pinterest)
A token of certain surface-bound information (meaning the patterns making up the information is inseparable from the material that holds the patterns — like the fabric of the bill) backed by an institutional system of integrity, the Bank of Canada (Image source: Canada Guide)
Information can now exist as electrical patterns manipulated by computer hardware, completely decoupled from the displaying surface — our screens (Image source: Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels)
The lipid membrane of a cell wall. Membranes are a fundamental feature of biological systems. How can we apply similar principles to social membranes? (Image source: vecteezy)
Fractal patterns can be observed all throughout nature. Holochain allows for fractal social networks/membranes.

Catalyzing social coherence

In Conclusion: embracing novel paradigms



Living Systems Network is a collective working together to advance regenerative culture practices such as peer-to-peer governance and commons stewardship. We both draw inspiration from observing living systems, and model our evolution on living systems principles.

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Wesley Finck

Interested in novel patterns of social organization, biomimetic computing architectures (like Ceptr & holochain) and many other mind-warping paradigms.