On Holochain

From Volunteer Gardening to Building Next-Gen Distributed Web Apps: My Journey to Holochain App Development

A story about discovering community, a mind-warping internet paradigm and a global network of unconventional software engineers.

Seeding an Unexpected Career Shift

COVID Gap Year, Podcasts and Descending the Game B Rabbit Hole

My understanding of the world, the complex challenges our civilization faces, and what realistically can be done expanded immensely.

My GameB Mighty Network Intro Post, 2021
Diane’s GameB Mighty Network Intro post, 2021

Finding Community and Discovering a Passion

A photo of the coFood Collaborative garden from beneath the cherry tree in early summer

Never before had I encountered or even contemplated such a thoughtful and elegant software architecture which so fundamentally rethought our existing web application paradigm — and this was only the tip of the iceberg.

A Career Pivot

LSN provided me with a safety net to pursue my interests and seriously consider an alternative career path. Looking back, I was experiencing the power of supportive community.

A typical day working in the garden with other volunteers and getting lost in thought looking at kale
A screenshot of an acorn state of affairs tree

Holochain & the True Value of Community

A Moment of Gratitude



Living Systems Network is a collective working together to advance regenerative culture practices such as peer-to-peer governance and commons stewardship. We both draw inspiration from observing living systems, and model our evolution on living systems principles.

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Wesley Finck

Interested in novel patterns of social organization, biomimetic computing architectures (like Ceptr & holochain) and many other mind-warping paradigms.