Taobao, Tmall Shopping with RateX

Pay less and at better rates!

When I first started using RateX, I was facing a lot of issues using the plugin. After some feedback and help from the RateX team, I managed to get it to work smoothly.

RateX is a browser extension that offers the lowest exchange rates and free discount codes for you at checkout.

They have the firefox and chrome version. Personally I prefer the chrome version. To ensure that you have a fuss free shopping experience, make sure you head over to More Tools > Extensions, and select “Allow in incognito”. I don’t use chrome as my main browser, but I do have ad-block and other add-ons that would interfere with the plugin. You can add items to your cart as normal, but swap out to incognito mode to ensure that you can make your payment.

Allow in incognito

The plugin will detect when you checkout on Taobao and guide you through the payment process! If you need a walk-through, please visit their website how-to here:

RateX helps you pay less while you shop overseas online. You are able to pay in your local currency — converted at the “Google” exchange rate you see on Google. In addition, we provide coupon codes from the merchant to maximise your savings. Currently, we are available as an extension on Google Chrome and Firefox desktop browsers.

You can pay by bank transfer, credit card and recently they have a wallet function too. have only used the credit card option in all my purchases so far.

If you miss any of the steps, you can go back to 代付 to make payment again! Sometimes if Taobao has already registered the payment being made although it was not charged to your card, just drop the team at RateX a message. They are able to cancel the 代付 arrangement. Time to save even more when you shop on Taobao or Tmall! Try RateX now!

P.S. I’m using ezbuy (65daigou) so the savings pretty much covered for my shipping.

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