System Upgradeability

The Verito 1 phono-integrated amplifier is designed to support audiophile systems with costs up to $25,000 intelligently.

With its RCA (aka SE or single-ended preamplifier output), an audiophile can use the Verito 1 as:

  • A phono-integrated amplifier
  • A control amplifier, with or without a phono amplifier
  • A phono amplifier (set volume to max)
  • A power amplifier, with 180 watts into 8 ohms

Product Upgradeability

The Verito 1 can be manufactured without a phono amplifier. The control and power amplifier combination offers high value. If an owner later wants to acquire an internal phono stage, the unit can be shipped to the factory, after authorization of course, for the installation of parts and testing. While DIY upgrades would be less expensive, the reduction in quality assurance hurts LKV. Please appreciate our situation — our name is on the box.

Upgrading with Minimal Loss

When upgrading speakers or a turntable, there is no place for the old equipment; except in a usually underused “other room.” With the Verito 1, unless all electronics are replaced it stays in a system. It’s value is never truly lost.

2017 LA Audio Show allows listening to two levels of upgrades

  • NOLA Boxer2 speakers on conventional stands
  • Joseph Audio Perspective speakers
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