Llamaverse Development Roadmap, Utility and Fundamentals V1.0

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Before we start, we do want to say that this document is very LONG, as it’s an overview of the whole Llamaverse Development Plan for Q1-Q3 2022. We will be adding more to this article in the future as we see fit, and things are subject to change. As we prepare to release each “module,” we will release a separate article that’s more detailed about that one aspect so the information can be fresh and it can be expanded on right before launch.

Twitter — @ https://twitter.com/llamaverse_

Discord — @ https://discord.gg/llamaverse

Llamaverse is a club and community for NFT investors. We are determined to provide our holders with both valuable utility and education to help them thrive in the NFT space as it evolves. We also intend to connect to other communities to help bring some of our benefits to other projects in the space.

In this article, we outline our whole development plan with preliminary dates of when launches will happen. Our goal is to inform everyone of what’s happening with the Llamaverse and try to guide you through the whole concept of what we are building.

Llamaverse Roadmap Graphic

Llamaverse (The NFT) Release

Estimated Date: Q1 2022 (Near The Start of February)

Llamaverse is set to release around the beginning of February 2022. We are really making sure we do this launch properly, so we are spending a great amount of time on perfecting the artwork, balancing the rarities on attributes, and ensuring all the back-end development is done to reduce gas fees and make it all around a better experience for our future holders.

Our goal is to build everything around this NFT, which will be the “genesis” collection. Owning this NFT will give you access to most of the projects we partner with or launch, and to most things in our roadmap.
We are interested in building massive utility around this one. We want to focus on adding value to the $SPIT Token and grow from there in order to integrate into other communities.

There will be a supply of 4000.

3500 of these Llamas will be static with rarity based attributes! We are focused on making sure the balance is there when it comes to rarity.

500 of these Llamas will be ANIMATED! The animation on these will ALL be unique, every single animated llama is a 1:1. You can visit our twitter to see some of the sneak peeks here: https://twitter.com/lamaverse_

Llamaverse Staking

Estimated Date: Q1 2022

We will allow our users to stake their NFTs to earn $SPIT. There will be additional items that you can stake as well (that we are connected with) to earn additional $SPIT (more information below). We have different $SPIT generations based on what you are staking and how many you stake.

Why did we choose traditional staking vs hold to earn?

The reason why we went with traditional staking to where you pay a “one-time fee” to stake to earn tokens is because it’s overall cheaper!

Instead of the hold to earn model where you have to pay transactions to claim tokens and to transact to use the tokens, we decided we wanted to use staking and polygon network in the back-end to transact at super cheap gas fees. Llamaverse will cover all the gas fees in the back end. We ran as much as we can on the polygon network to really save holders money.

We have 2 different types of Llamas:

  • Animated Llamas
  • Static Llamas

Both of these Llamas generate different amounts of $SPIT, and we have other “NFTs” or items you can stake to AMPLIFY the amount of $SPIT you get. The easiest way to think of this is with an analogy. If you have a character in a video game with 10 attack, you can give them items to increase the attack! The same applies with the Llamaverse staking.

Some current power-ups to amplify $SPIT generation:

  • “LlamaBoost” NFT (Llamapass will be known as LlamaBoost, More information explained in the article below)
  • Llamadraws NFT
  • Pixlet Studio Canvas
  • Other L2 Items Coming SOON (Earned through P2E Games or through community events that you can stake for more $SPIT)

Spit Generation for Each Item/Llama will be released shortly before launch in a complete different article (as explained in the introduction!).

To give you short background:

  • Animated Llamas will generate significantly more $SPIT than Static Llamas.
  • LlamaBoosts will give a moderate bonus to $SPIT generation
  • PixletStudio, Llamadraws and other items will be a very slight increase in token generation.

You will have to stake each item to take advantage of the boost.

  • Llamaverse Animated Llamas + Static Llamas are stackable.
  • Everything else is NOT Stackable (meaning owning multiple of the SAME item or boost won’t increase the multiplier).

NFTWorlds (Multiplayer Minecraft Server)

Estimated Date: Q1 (March 2022)

Previous Work from Our Builder that’s developing our NFTWorld!

We have partnered with NFTWorlds to build a CUSTOM Minecraft Server that will be accessible to Llamaverse Holders. Within the NFTWorld, we will hide “Easter Eggs” which, if you find first and submit, allow you to claim rewards like: ETH, Gift cards, Whitelist Opportunities, L2 Items (such as badges/power ups), and Discord Roles/Icons!

This server will also be used for community events. You don’t have to learn how to play Minecraft extensively! All you need to do is use 4 keys to move (WASD or Arrow Keys) and your spacebar to jump. The easter eggs will be hidden around the map, so it’s your job to find them for rewards! We will try to do this monthly at least!

UPDATE [01/19/21]

Here are some images of our NFTWorld getting ready to launch (we will create another medium article when it launches). The build is 100% done and updated on Opensea as well!

[UPDATE 03/05] — LlamaScape Introduction

Introducing the Llamascape — a Minecraft NFT Ecosystem focused on P2E Aspect and rewarding Landholders. We will have multiple worlds in this one ecosystem.

  • Llamascape World (the one you see above) — this will be a holders only world like a “hub” where you can hang out with Llamas, find easter eggs and connect to the other worlds.
  • Llamascape City — this one will be housing for Llamas and players. We purchased an NFTWorld and will fractionalize that land and distribute it to Llamaverse holders via $0 mints, WL and will have some for public. If you own the world; you will get a set of benefits within the Llamascape realm.
  • Llamascape World — this world will include factions, survival, building and mini-games. Partnered NFT projects (a large amount) will be able to join this world and earn Llamagold which is the native currency. Llamagold will be able to be used inside the Llamascape ecosystem for both NFT related rewards and in-game cosmetics.

Stay up to date via our twitter @LlamascapeNFT!

Pixelverse Integration

Estimated Date: End of Q1 2022

Preview of the Pixelverse “homes”

We partnered deeply with Pixelverse (Founders of Sappy Seals). Pixelverse is a massive cross-community Metaverse where you can play, socialize, and earn. The founding communities currently include the Llamaverse, Sappy Seals, Winter Bears, and 24px. We can expect that they will partner with more and more projects to bring together a massive ecosystem.

Within the game, we will have a “LlamaLand” which will serve as our HQ that will be customized to our liking; you will be able to play as your Llamaverse NFT within the game and get access to all the features within the Pixelverse.

You will be able to earn currency with their P2E Dungeon Styled Game and future Open-World game! This is a huge benefit and we will continue to establish relationships to give you access to more P2E projects!

Pacman Arcade Machine

On top of all of this, there will be “Custom-Made” Llama items you can purchase with $SPIT or $PIXL to implement them within the game. An example would be a “Llama Trophy” that can be displayed in your house. We also just partnered with them to announce our Llamaverse Arcade machine!


Estimated Date: Q2 2022

Rough Draft of the LlamaDashboard

This dashboard is the CORE area to access the majority of our utility. You will be able to use this dashboard to stake your Llamaverse NFTs, spend your $SPIT, access alpha calls from the community, read announcements directly from this website, and so much more.

We will keep expanding on this dashboard as utility grows! We want to keep the dashboard simplified yet easy to use to make your user experience the best possible.

One of our biggest goals is to keep gas fees as low as possible when interacting with the dashboard. The way we’re doing this is by deploying our token on the Polygon POS chain and utilizing EIP-2612 style permits using EIP-712 signatures to have dashboard token usage GASLESS and abstracted away from the user to allow staying on Mainnet the whole time. The staking contract is on Mainnet however and will have typical L1 staking fees. The Llamaverse NFT itself will be a cheap mint thanks to a ground up, gas efficient implementation of the ERC721 spec.

$SPIT Token

Estimated Date: Q2 2022

Sneak Peek of Llamaverse NFT

$SPIT Token is generated by staking your Llamaverse NFT. You will be able to use $SPIT in a variety of different ways, and our goal is to EXPAND the utility on this token. We want to revolve our development around this token and give our holders the ability to use these tokens in other communities as well.

Our current utility would include:

  • Purchase whitelist opportunities (Previous projects include Nanopass, Metroverse, Slotie, Swampverse, Property’s, NFP and many others)
  • Enter Raffles (Purchase raffle ticket for ETH, NFTs, and other “giveaways”)
  • $SPIT Buddies (More information down below with the release date -> Breeding mechanic with utility)
  • Exclusive “Animated” Llama Raffles (We will raffle 60% of the royalties to Animated Llama holders)
  • Exclusive “Static” Llama Raffles (We will raffle 5% of the royalties from our LlamaBoost NFT when announced and other NFT projects we develop for Static Llamas when announced)
  • Redeem $SPIT for L2 Items (Pixelverse Items, Badges, $SPIT Boosters and so much more)
  • Change Opensea Item Name (of your Llama)
  • Special Frames + Twitter Banners

We are really open to suggestions on how our holders want to utilize $SPIT. People were interested in even using $SPIT to get calls for trading tips or project development tips with me. We are open to literally anything for our community. Our goal is to provide massive utility to this token in gamification, giving you ways to earn money and add customization to not only your Llamaverse NFT, but also your alias in our community.

Expanding Utility

Estimated Date: NEVER STOPPING.

Our goal is to keep expanding utility to this project. After we finish this whole development plan, we want to keep going and keep building. We are believers in our own project, and if we are just putting out a roadmap to complete it and leaving it at that, we are not doing our jobs. Our whole team believes in expanding utility.

We don’t know what kind of opportunities will open in the future, so utility can become massive in the future. We are super optimistic about this project and will do whatever it takes to make sure every holder is 100% satisfied with this project. Hitting 100% satisfaction is the goal; we may not ever hit 100%, but the closer we are to that number is the definition of success for the Llamaverse team.

If you have suggestions for future utility, the team including NFTLlama is always a message away on Discord. Please feel free to recommend some things you want to see apart of our ecosystem!

Exclusive Tool for NFT Investors

Estimated Date: Q3 2022

We have two options for the tool. We can either create our own (which will be time consuming), or we can partner with an existing tool to give people access with their Llamaverse NFT. A lot of this is dependent on our growth. Big tools want big partnerships or big amounts of money. It’s just how business works. Our goal is to find the best option for our community.

We are more than likely looking to partner with another massive tool and give access to Llamaverse holders, but we also want to develop our own internal tools as well.

Some tools we are looking at (speaking with doxxed developers that have these out now):

  • Autobidder Bot
  • Autosniper Bot
  • Smart Wallet Tracker
  • Diamond Hand “Calculations”
  • Generic Graphing Tools

We are always open to hearing partnership requests, but we are REALLY cautious — the reason why we haven’t gotten a tool is because we want to go with someone REALLY trusted or build our own custom tool. Security is our top priority, and we all need to realize as a community that if we go with some smaller tool, they can technically hijack all of our funds/wallets. We want to make sure we take our time with this and either do it custom or do it with a big partner.

UPDATE [01/19/21] — AntiRug.Tools Added

Introducing AntiRug.Tools (first of MANY) Tools that is accessible for all Llamaboost holders (will be updated to Llamaverse holders upon release). Learn more about AntiRug.Tools here:

UPDATE[02/20/21] — Ape Chef NFT Tools Added

Ape Chef Tools Demo (Stats Tool)

We have now introduced Ape Chef’s tool which includes both the Autobidder and Stats tool (powered by icy.tools with permission). Ape Chef will be introducing more tools such as wallet alerts and a rarity extension very soon. This is accessible by Llamaverse holders.

UPDATE [03/05/21] — Alpha Sharks NFT Tools Added

We are partnering with @AlphaSharksNFT to allow our holders get access to their tool which includes real-time data tracking, real-time sniping, reveal sniping, mass bidding, purchases within the platform, rarity system and so much more.

  • All users to be whitelisted to mint 1 Alpha Shark NFT regardless of access.
  • All users will get full access or partial access to the tool without having to own the AlphaShark NFT
  • Animated Holders = Full Access Lifetime Access without having to own an Alpha sharks.
  • Static Holders = Limited Access (40–60% Access) Lifetime Access without having to own an Alpha sharks — if you own an Alpha Shark you will get full access.

This will be accessible within the week or two for holders.

Some of these features include:

Rarity Sorting:

Allows you to sort every revealed collection by rarity right away.

Allows you to get good entries and gauge price of rare pieces

Mass Bidder:

Mass Bidding allows you to submit tens if not hundreds of bids on collections, this with some patience can allow you to pick up NFT below floor price and in times of uncertainty

Reveal Sniper:

One of the most powerful tools available, allowing you to snipe rare NFTs at reveal, revealing the rarity seconds after initial reveal is pushed by the project, allowing you to pick up rares at floor.

This coupled with the ability to boost gas via built in API allows users to maximise their chances of snipping successfully.

Purchase Within Tool:

Allows for instant purchase from within the tool, coupled with the reveal sniper it maximises the speed at which users can snipe.

Alongside the prompt which tells users the amount of initiated transactions on this NFT within the last 60 seconds provides more confidence in a snipping opportunity

Real-Time Data Indexing

Real time data updates on volume, sales, listings and sell walls, giving up to date information to allow users to make better judgements in trading

With options to view all of this data in a time frame from 6h to 30 Days users can have a wide range of informations to track a project and its price movements

SPIT Buddies

Estimated Date: Q3 2022

Introducing SPIT Buddies. Our version of “breeding,” but done correctly. We don’t want our users to just breed NFTs and have them sit in their wallet with 0 use case. We want to do something much bigger.

$SPIT buddies will essentially enable you to turn a large amount of $SPIT into a new NFT. It can be a new Llamaverse NFT, or it can be a “crossbreed” NFT that links you to a project that’s partnering with us closely. In the latter case, you will then gain additional utility from that project. In both cases, you can of course choose to sell that NFT whenever you want.

We have 2 variants of Spit Buddies:

  • Variant #1: Use x amount of $SPIT and a ownership of a NFT (that we’re partnered with) to create a SPIT version of that NFT which will grant you utility in their community and our community
  • Variant #2: Don’t combine your $SPIT with another NFT and generate a “Spit Llama” that would then in return just generate more $SPIT and access to the utility displayed down below. (It’s a bit more beneficial to cross-breed your NFTs because you amplify benefits.)

Why crossbreed?
The reason why we’re interested in “cross-breeding” is because it brings more value to our community. Others will be interested in acquiring a SPIT Buddy and they would need $SPIT to create one, which then in turn means they would either have to acquire $SPIT or stake a Llamaverse to start earning $SPIT.

What kind of utility?
Utility is different for every community, but overall we want each “SPIT Buddy” to have utility in both our community and the partnered NFT community. An example of this would be a partnership with “Sappy Seals,” in which you’d be able to use your SPIT Buddy in their world and claim “special L2 items.”

Utility from our side would include:

  • Generate MORE $SPIT for breeding after you STAKE them!
  • Special Role
  • Special L2 items dropped

Utility from the partner side examples:

  • Generate their $TOKEN for staking your $SPIT Buddy
  • Access to their Alpha Chats (if they have one)
  • Access to FUTURE Mints on their project

Just The Start…

We don’t plan to stop here. We want to keep expanding our roadmap, utility, and further plans. We want to build this a long-term brand and keep building on top of this. Bear in mind, this is an overview of the WHOLE plan. We will release independent articles for each “module” as we are preparing to release it so that each has its own specific article.

We appreciate all the support from current community members, future community members, and our earliest supporters. Understand that some of the things above are subject to change as we get closer to launch in order to ensure the structure still makes sense! We aren’t going to change much, but we may have some more utility to add or some numbers to potentially change to ensure proper balance.

Thanks for everything,

NFTLlama and Team.

New Updates:

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Discord @ https://discord.gg/llamaverse




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