GENIUSES Kicks off #GeniusesSchoolTour at Soundhope Private Academy

Some Students of Soundhope Private Academy that we met during the school tour

Yesterday, we started our school tour as we move to bring the Geniuses learning experience to students in every school. Soundhope Private Academy was the first host of the #GeniusesSchoolTour. The students were excited to receive the team as they all brought out their phones to engage on the app, connect with themselves and learn in a fun way. Even the teachers refused to be left out of the fun.

Talking to John Oladimeji, our new Geniuses Ambassasdor at Soundhope Private Academy.

We took some pictures.

We listened to the questions, suggestions and humour from the students.

The most important part of the tour was learning from students about how we could make the learning experience on the app even better. The students were full of ideas and we were happy to listen to them. The teachers also contributed to how we could build an experience that facilitates learning among students.

Bamaka International College is next! We can’t wait!

Soundhope Private Academy meets GENIUSES

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