Beginning of 30

Yep, this year I turned 30 and it’s quite rough. Total 3 angers burst out, 3 far away trips and changing jobs.

Beginning in end of 2015,with project that I have full control but few mistakes, not that nice start (except a nice birthday party from colleague) and somehow, in this situation got me burst out and impact me sometime later.

After few months, got a chance traveling to Israel. Short trip, different images from the thought, peaceful. However, it’s not a relax trip, many pressure things but still want to go back.

Walking in Jaffra to the sea. Unique feeling and architecture that worth the visit.

Come back and have a work that suppose to do with two people. In the end, almost the whole thing have done by me and got another burst out, not a nice experience and didn’t expect that. Anyway, it got me another trip, and now to the east, Japan.

It’s really quick decision that probably won’t do it again, look in to the map, finding hotel and book everything and then go. I thought I would get relax but can’t keep myself not to explore the places, in the end, come back with few energy left again.

Such a nice waterfall in super heavy rain day.

Few months later, decided to move on, prepare project to pass to colleague. Good experience and confirm my assumptions on frontend testing. Everything looks smooth, no big issue on new feature from intern and friend that take over my project. Leave with big party! (thanks for our pm that throw this in my last day)

Moving on, start working on new project. Thinking to get relax, prepare for long trip in the end of the year, Germany!

Oosterpark, it’s the most beautify park I visited for this trip! and this year!

Coming back and start to have more works, and with unhappy mood and bad wifi, got another anger release again. I think this year is that got me release those most often. I’m rarely show those unhappy things when working with others, in upcoming year, I hope this will get better and will put down in the list that I’m going to get it down. Hopefully, it won’t happen again in next year.

And that’s all, few more days I will turn to 31, hope it’s a nice year one that seems I won’t get relax yet.

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