Women, Why LNMHacks is The Place to Be

The world of technology is developing at a rapid rate each day. We are witnessing the evolution of a vast range of products that are making our life easier. There have been many significant improvements in technology, but, one thing that still remains the same, is the lack of women in that field.

According to the National Science Foundation, Tech world is missing out nearly half of the population of talent. From the classrooms to corporations, women are not in the path to build revolutionary software and hardware.

But, why?

Might be… (generally every girl might have faced it !)

  • (At a hackathon) You the designer for the team? Because girls are good at art!
  • You had male teammates on your hackathon team. They probably did all the work.
  • Oh, you don’t know about this? What? Really? Wow, how can you call yourself a programmer? Girls are so dumb!
  • You won an award/got the job because you’re a girl.

These distasteful stereotypes and mentality has been deeply rooted in our society over the time.

We also cannot neglect this harsh truth that tech companies don’t have enough women on their boards, But that isn’t necessarily cured by teaching more women to code. It’s cured by hiring more women and promoting them.

Just a FUN fact : Sarah Friar, Chief Financial Officer at Square said : When they changed the topic from ‘Intro to Computer Science’ to ‘Beauty and Joy of Computing’, sign ups from female students shot up!

This clearly shows that women are interested, but they are underrepresented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields, and we also know that every company needs technology, and yet we’re graduating fewer women technologists. 
Indeed, that is not good for society, and we have to change it!

So, LNMHacks understands the sensitivity of matter, and thus we are taking initiative to increase the number of girls joining ’into the pipeline’ of software engineering.

We have come up with several initiatives :

  1. For encouraging girls to participate, and to create their interest towards technology, we will be reserving 70 seats for women hackers so that they can be part of the Hackathon experience, and explore their area of interests.
  2. Conducting many workshops by profound speakers on How and Why should be they part of the Hackathon, or any competitions, for that matter; boosting their self-confidence.
  3. What better than to hear out the women who’re in the field, and have broken through the glass ceiling and shattered all myths! With Lean In India as our proud sponsor, we’re trying our best to get Lean In India chapter team to LNMHacks.

About Lean In:

There are some commendable organizations that have found success in encouraging more women to aspire for tech jobs. One Such nonprofit organization founded by Sheryl Sandberg is Leanin.org, an organisation that offers women the inspiration and support to help them achieve their goals. Lean In encourages women to pursue their ambitions, and is Community, Education and Circles initiative with many female tycoons in support.

“ It’s time to cheer on girls and women who want to sit at the table.”
 — Sheryl Sandberg
Our Women Empowerment Sponsor

With this, we proudly announce our Women Empowerment Partner


Lean In Chapter, India

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Hope to see all you Women hackers at the event location!