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Where your crazy ideas will become reality!

If you are following us on social media or heard about us from any of your friends, then you must be wondering what is LNMHacks? Who are these guys? What is all this buzz all about? How is LNMHacks different from other hackathons? Why should we join? And many more…

We can understand your speculation, and hence this post! Read on to find out what LNMHacks is all about.

Most People have their ‘wish list’ of projects that they would love to work on, often creating products that would enable them or society to work more effectively; but are unable to develop them due to variety of reasons. LNMHacks is a chance to scratch this itch free from the usual constraints and distractions, and develop something out of nowhere in 24 hour time period.

There will be numerous tracks in the first edition of LNMHacks. While we will keep you posted about each of the tracks as they are introduced, rest assured, they will be inline with the hot technologies and trends of software development.

We are going to target students who are currently pursuing B.Tech from any recognized Indian Institute, and yes, the year of study is no bar! As seats will be limited, we will select students on various criteria (details in another post, coming soon!).

First time ‘hacker’?
Well, no need to worry, as we will be providing mentors to you! Also, we would be conducting Workshops on various technologies during the hackathon by some of the experienced software developers, who are masters in their trade.

So does this mean LNMHacks is only for developers? What about designers?!
Before making any further assumption, stop right there.

LNMHacks is not just for programmers. We will be conducting a Designathon parallel to the Hackathon. Designathon is for the people who have new ideas and can design their idea in the most unique and creative manner. Again, it will be a theme based event, details about which will be disclosed at a later stage.

An element of healthy competition is vital and would be nurtured, and there will be coveted cash prizes (for top 3 teams of both the events) to aim for! Besides that, get ready to get awesome SWAGS throughout the event from our wonderful sponsors.

Now for the most interesting part. Being a 24 hour event, you will be sitting for so long, that too in a competitive setup, so we seek to make things easy for the participants by providing food and snacks throughout the event!

We will be conducting several pre-events before the main event, so that students are aware of all the tracks and the technologies at hand.

So, if you have hacker instincts, newbie or ace, get ready for this awesome hackathon happening at The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur!

Hope to see you at the event location!

In the meantime follow us on social mediums to stay tuned about our regular announcements.

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