LNX Foundation partners with LP3 Jatim (NGO)

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Sep 4 · 3 min read

LNX is excited to announce our partnership with LP3 Jatim, the Potential Development Research Institute of East Java in Indonesia, which plays a key role in establishing a connection between government and local entrepreneurs.

NGOs play a critical role in addressing humanitarian issues and supporting communities all over the world. However, although they possess a noble goal, in the current status quo, it is also known that many of them are nonprofit organizations, meaning that, oftentimes they lack proper resources to keep accurate and efficient data. By integrating blockchain, NGOs will be able to gather transparent information from government agencies and accurately act accordingly while reducing overall costs.

“Realizing East Java Human Resources, with the spirit of nationalism and patriotism of social entrepreneurs, who will be able to become a pioneer of East Java community empowerment” — LP3 Jatim


LP3 Jatim is a non-governmental organization (NGO) created in 2003 with the goal to provide entrepreneurs with workshop training and project creation. Its team is comprised of a total of 798 representatives spread through 29 regencies and 9 East Java provincial cities. LP3 Jatim is also the only entity to have an official license from the East Java government for the R&D of local tourism and SME’s.

Currently, LP3 Jatim is helping projects and products in diverse areas, such as Batu Bule for apple-fermentation-based wine, Selecta and De Asmorondono for tourism and cottage, Dholan’s Group for Event Organizer, Property and SME’s solution, and Apel Celup for Beverages.

Batu, a city in the East Java Province, is one of the main cities that LP3 Jatim supports. It is also the second largest city in Indonesia regarding the number of tourists. At the end of 2018, it estimated the visit of 5.6 million tourists and is expected to see an average of 15% increase per year.

The partnership between LP3 Jatim and LNX will focus on the development of blockchain technologies within the tourism industry in East Java with the potential to expand through other regions in Indonesia. The initial approach will cover transparent data of prices and availability of hotels, plane tickets and packages.


The LNX platform is the world’s first DAG infused blockchain distributed ledger that provides expandable scalability, instant confirmation, and security against double-spending and Sybil attacks. The MATRIX Chain remains open-sourced, permission-less, and distributed. Our breakthrough consensus algorithm, the Proof of Check and Balance (PoCB), breeds the self-sustaining and decentralized ecosystem through a counterbalance of power. The LNX platform offers a new paradigm that solves the current predicaments of the decentralized economy at stake.

Stay tuned, and we thank you for all the support!


LNX Official

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